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2015 Producer Rep of the Year awards

by admin on December 15, 2016

At ExamOne, our employees are committed to being a premier service provider to life insurers, while creating a positive experience for those taking the important step of protecting their families with life insurance. Each year, we recognize the hardworking employees who have been leaders in demonstrating this commitment.

Lauren Davis | 2015 Producer Rep of the Year award


Lauren Davis joined the ExamOne family in 2014. As a Senior Sales Representative, she is currently responsible for paramedical sales to insurance agents, advisors and insurance carriers in the greater St. Louis and Southern Illinois areas. The favorite part of Lauren’s job is going out in the field to solidify relationships.  “It’s great when you walk into someone’s office and they are genuinely happy to see you and they appreciate that you take the time to show them that their business matters,” said Lauren.

Lauren embodies ExamOne’s commitment to the life insurance industry. She is motivated to create a positive experience and achieves this by building relationships with clients. “Our commitment starts with being trustworthy,” said Lauren. “Clients can count on us to train their new employees, problem solve, track a case that they need to hit a bonus, and to answer questions or provide assistance.”

Lauren’s dedication is what most people notice first about her.  “Lauren is hardworking and dedicated to our clients.” said Joey Grant, Vice President of Sales, ExamOne. “She has done an outstanding job in helping our clients. She consistently provides solutions to improve their business and the applicant’s experience.”

In her free time Lauren loves spending time with her family: husband Zach, son Ben, and her daughter Violet. They love going out on their boat as a family. She is also an avid skeet shooter and sand volleyball player.

Chantal Galarneau | 2015 International Producer Rep of the Year award


Chantal Galarneau joined the ExamOne team over 12 years ago. Prior to joining ExamOne, she had 27 years of experience in the life insurance industry. She is currently responsible for paramedical sales to agents and brokers while also attending carrier and industry events across the Province of Quebec.

Chantal is a wonderful example of an employee embracing ExamOne’s commitment. “I’m readily available to my clients and enjoy helping them resolve problems,” said Chantal. “ExamOne provides great solutions to help our clients offer their applicants a seamless experience.”  Chantal says she most enjoys the challenge of winning business from the competition and building long-lasting relationships and friendships.  “Never take ‘No’ for an answer” is her favorite quote, and that is evident in her persistent attitude.

“Chantal demonstrates our company’s commitment to the life insurance industry,” said Joey Grant, Vice President of Sales, ExamOne. “She’s highly organized and goes the extra mile to provide clients with successful solutions which help protect more families.”

Outside of the office, Chantal enjoys tennis, softball and summer sports. She started a new hobby this year: motorcycling. She also recently adopted a deaf cat from an animal shelter.

If you have had the pleasure of working with Lauren or Chantal, you have experienced the drive and dedication that earned them both this recognition for their accomplishments last year.

Reaching more people with real reasons for life insurance

by Kem Snavely Frost on December 8, 2016

hands2This year, our marketing team displayed their commitment to increasing life insurance awareness by using our various platforms to share our message. Our real-reason stories were told by individuals who each had a life changing milestone that encouraged them to explore life insurance options. We shared personal stories of newlyweds, new parents and first-time life insurance purchasers. We also asked our clients, peers, and our social followers to share their real reasons for life insurance using #Committed2. And once again, we joined the non-profit organization, Life Happens, and the rest of our industry by dedicating the entire month of September to life insurance awareness.

We believe our message is resonating with the public. Our followers on social media are up to more than 17,000 since we began this campaign in 2016. During Life Insurance Awareness Month, between LinkedIn impressions and Facebook traffic, we reached more than 10,000 people and had hundreds of #Committed2 posts. We have continued to educate applicants and potential applicants on what to expect during the life insurance application process with more than 30,000 visitors to MyExamOne.com each month. According to the 2016 Barometer study, 17% of consumers say they are very or extremely likely to purchase life insurance in the next year. But we know there are still millions who aren’t protected.

Have we done enough and are we finding the opportunities that allow us to discuss life insurance with our family and friends?

I personally had a few opportunities to share and see the real reasons for life insurance this past year. When an uncle passed away suddenly, I took the opportunity to explain to my family that yes, they do need to make sure they and their family are covered with life insurance. I’ve also witnessed one of my best friend’s 4-year-old son thrive thanks to the diligent planning and love his mother provided in the form of life insurance before she died at a young age. We all know that unexpected things happen in life, and we want to be ready when it does.

For example, my husband and I prepare by taking this time of the year to review our finances, which include evaluating our current life insurance policies and beneficiaries. According to LIMRA, across all age groups and income levels, insured households said they want to review their life insurance coverage annually. Some may feel like this is a depressing effort, but we choose to see it as a time to be thankful that we have planned accordingly and are protecting the life we have built together.

As our marketing team comes in to work each day, we will continue to expand our messages’ reach and educate the public.  At home, my husband and I will enter a new year confident that we are committed to protecting each other with life insurance. We’ve spread the word and planned for the future. Have you?


Learn about different ways to get life insurance coverage based on your situation and needs at http://www.Lifehappens.org/find-insurance-coverage/ . Or if you need more real reasons for the need for life insurance watch LifeHappens videos of true stories of people who’ve benefitted from sound insurance planning, or else found themselves in tough situations owing to lack of coverage at https://www.Lifehappens.org/videos/.

During the holiday season, help us continue to reach more people about the need for life insurance by sharing these reasons or even your own real reasons. It’s a gift everyone needs.

Committed to Canada

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Recognizing our customer service champs

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2015 District Sales Manager of the Year

October 3, 2016 #Committed2 You

At ExamOne, our employees are committed to being a premier service provider to life insurers, while creating a positive experience for those taking the important step of protecting their families with life insurance. Each year, we recognize the hardworking employees who have been leaders in demonstrating this commitment. The 2015 District Sales Manager of the […]

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See the need for life insurance awareness and personalization

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This month we celebrated Life Insurance Awareness Month. We are committed to helping the 40% of Americans who do not have life insurance understand the impact life insurance can have on a family as well as make the process easy for them once they make that decision. Additionally, we wanted to use Life Insurance Awareness Month as […]

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September marks Life Insurance Awareness Month

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September is designated as Life Insurance Awareness Month. This campaign was initiated by Life Happens, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to “inspire the public to take personal financial responsibility through the ownership of life insurance and related products.” According to the 2016 Insurance Barometer study, 40% of Americans still do not have any life insurance […]

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More options = happier applicants!

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Providing applicants with choices and convenience Your applicants made an important decision to protect the ones they love and we want to make the application and examination process as quick and easy as possible. ExamOne is the only paramedical company that offers your applicants the convenience of real-time appointment scheduling and a choice between the most […]

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An ExamOne employee’s own applicant experience

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Superior Solutions- Tailored services for life insurance brokerages

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As you know ExamOne has completed the acquisition of Superior Mobile Medics, now known as ExamOne Superior Solutions. We are more than 6 months into the integration and we continue to make great progress. This large integration is ahead of schedule, but there is still more work to be done. We want to thank you  for your patience and loyalty during this […]

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