Author: Stuart Smith


On track for success in 2019

March 21, 2019 By

Our Commitment

Project Gratitude: The season to share our appreciation for client relationships

December 11, 2018 By

It's the season to share our appreciation for our life insurance client relationships. Thank you again for another year of partnership.


First-hand experience about the importance of life insurance

September 11, 2018 By

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. I have had first-hand experience of how coverage or lack of coverage can change families’ lives.

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3 things I’ve learned from clients about the life insurance industry

June 19, 2018 By

I spent much of my time on the road, visiting with our clients and understanding their needs. I was impressed by clients' openness, transparency and willingness to provide insight about the current state of our partnerships and the industry. During these conversations there were some reoccurring themes I wanted to share.