At ExamOne we are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of our services and give your applicants a happier exam experience. One invaluable way for us to identify customer expectations, measure satisfaction levels, and uncover specific areas for improvement to the life insurance exam experience is through survey responses received from your applicants.

The results (shown in graphic) are based on feedback provided by life insurance applicants whose exams were conducted by ExamOne, whether by a paramedical technician at the applicants’ homes or workplaces, or at an ExamOne paramedical service center.

Hear what these applicants had to say…

Online laboratory results

This is a first for me—everything was accessible and easy to understand. I appreciate the clear explanation about what each result means, because it helped me better understand what each person needs to concentrate and work on in order to live longer. Thank you. Great job!!!!”

Exam experience

“The technician was excellent – friendly, explained everything, fit me into a very busy schedule, and was very efficient. Very well done!”

“I want to add that my practitioner, who conducted the exam, was delightful and professional. I really enjoyed my time with him, as he was personable, and he meticulously described the process. He was efficient and courteous. You just don’t find great service like this anymore, so I applaud your company for hiring seasoned professionals who know how to effectively get the job done, yet be a joy in the process.”

2017 Mystery Shopper Results

In addition to our post-exam survey for applicants, ExamOne utilizes a third-party mystery-shopper program to measure the applicant experience. In 2017, ExamOne scored 90% satisfaction on the interaction with the examiner. An overall satisfaction score of 90% was achieved from a compilation of scores and feedback on scheduling, examiner arrival and greeting, the exam itself, and examiner interaction.

These quality measures are used to help develop and enhance examiner training and workflows, allowing us to continually improve the applicant experience.

If you would like more information about these results, contact your Strategic Account Representative.

During the last week of August, we recognize our vital employees during Life Insurance Examiner Appreciation Week. Being the “face” of ExamOne, they get to personally interact and provide superior customer service to individuals taking the important step of protecting their family with life insurance.

This year we are showing our gratitude in several different ways. Employees at our home office and across the country share their “thank you’s” in this video. We also compiled some notes of recognition from peers and the applicants themselves below. The celebrations this week are just a small token of appreciation in comparison to the commitment our examiners display every day. Thank you for not only being the “face” but the “heart” of ExamOne.

“I personally want to offer you my most sincere thanks, our company is better because of the work you do. We hope we can show you our appreciation this week, next week and every day throughout the year because your dedication deserves it.” – Troy Hartman, President ExamOne

Tiffiny Sims, Examiner in South Bend, IN – “Tiffiny’s commitment is real. Not only is she a good examiner and regularly complimented by her peers on her pleasant attitude at events, but she is also a genuinely good person. She and her husband work tirelessly to help the homeless in our area. They were even honored by the city for their charitable efforts this year. She has set an example and inspired me to be a better person. Tiffiny’s willingness to go out of her way for us is unbelievable. Now if I could just clone her.” – Annette McCreary, Branch Manager

“I want to genuinely thank my examiner. She was wonderful to work with, courteous and professional. Great hire ExamOne!” – Life insurance applicant

Jerie Tau, Examiner in Auburn, WY – “The weather and vast amount of territory to cover out in the West can be daunting for an examiner. But Jerie’s attitude can be summed up in her common comment: “This is what we do!” She’s traveled through snowstorms, filled in last minute at an event 350 miles away, and regularly helps out without hesitation. Instead of cancelling appointments, during a snowstorm she booked a hotel to be closer to her applicants and completed their exams. She puts the client first. In an area where we have more deer and antelope than humans, it’s imperative to have someone as dependable as Jerie.” – Marianne Huber, Branch Manager

“The examiner who came to my home was wonderful. She went above and beyond to communicate well, was patient with me filling out my paperwork and just an all-around pleasant person to have in my home. ExamOne is a company I would trust again because of people like her being on your staff.” – Life insurance applicant

Marla White, Examiner in Indianapolis, IN – “Marla maintains the attitude that ‘the work must be done’ and she steps up to complete it. When the office had some technology challenges, she requested additional training to help get us up to speed. Her willingness to learn and continue to push herself is reflected in our improved quality. Her professionalism even in challenging times and her genuine passion of serving the customer is a great example of the type of examiners that work for ExamOne.” – Melanie Middleton-Cruz, Field Operations Coordinator

“I was more than satisfied with the process — specifically the examiner. She was fantastic.  She ALMOST makes me want to have another blood draw. She was very professional and efficient. I was in and out of there in just a few minutes.”– Life insurance applicant

Inaugural Life Insurance Examiner Appreciation Week

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