6 easy ways to maximize your life insurance pipeline

by Allison Shuman on May 27, 2020

We know it’s important to have a healthy pipeline, not only so you continue to get paid, but also so you can serve your clients’ needs. Our team shares six easy tips on how to maximize your life insurance pipeline.

Let’s talk about life

The first step to a healthy pipeline is generating as many new applications as possible. Whether you’re new to the business or have been writing for many years, you have probably worked on your pitch. During this unprecedented time, you are finding new ways of talking about life insurance. Everyone has people who depend on them, so look for interesting ways to communicate their financial needs and the value of holding a life insurance policy for protection. Here are a few tips on how to communicate with your clients during a crisis.

Take time to explain the process

As your partners in the paramedical process, we’ve noticed applicants tend to follow through more quickly if they are well prepared. Be sure to take time to go over which steps will be required of them and how they can help ensure the best results. You can find a wealth of resources on our applicant website,

Don’t wait for the call

Ever received a call from us saying your applicant has not responded? If they are required to complete a Personal Health History Interview, be sure to share the call-in number when their application is created. If an exam is required, use our real-time scheduling tool (ScheduleNow™) whenever possible to get your client scheduled at a time and place that is comfortable for them. In an effort to give applicants more appointment options, we have extended the scheduling window and examiner availability from 10 days to 45 days.

Leverage a national network

When it comes time to complete your client’s exam, we offer many choices through our extensive national network. In today’s world, applicant safety and convenience are important factors to consider when it comes to the location of life insurance exams. As a Quest Diagnostics company, ExamOne’s national collection network includes Quest exam centers to give your applicants even more options. With thousands of exam centers across the country, we make it easy for applicants to complete their exams at a time and location that fits their schedules. In light of the COVID-19 emergency, we have taken additional measures to bolster preparedness at our Quest exam centers. Read more

Keep track of your cases

You can use our online tracking tools to make sure your cases are progressing and know when the information has been delivered to your underwriter. Case status can be accessed through our online portal, automatic email status updates, and through carrier access points. Did you know that you can connect with our Customer Service team and receive assistance on your orders by using the “Contact Us” button on the portal?

Reach out after the exam

A great way to build on your efforts is to ask for referralsalways! Reach out to your client after their exam to ask for feedback and provide information on how they can access a copy of their laboratory test results. If they are happy with their experience, that conversation may be a great time to ask them about anyone else in their life who may also need to update their coverage.

As you manage your pipeline, our national network of ExamOne representatives and local branch offices are here to help. You can schedule a review with your local representative to help identify any areas where the paramed process could be smoother. We want to help your business grow, even during this challenging time.

How to communicate with your clients during a crisis

by Kem Snavely Frost on April 28, 2020

These are uncharted times—for you, your clients and the world. However, during a crisis, your clients still need to hear from you, now more than ever. Below are some tips that experts have shared recently on how to communicate with your clients during the current coronavirus crisis.

Be proactive

A Harvard Business Review article reports that you need to communicate early and often with your key constituencies throughout a crisis. Approach the situation with empathy. Don’t wait for them to contact you. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes to understand their anxiety and reach out to let them know you understand their concerns and will work with them to address their fears.

Be honest

During a recent webinar for the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Brock Jolly, a financial advisor, said “None of us has a crystal ball and none of us knows what the future will bring. Don’t be afraid to admit you can’t predict what will happen.” However, you are viewed as an expert on their insurance or finance needs, so make sure to provide any honest guidance they may need now.

Be flexible

You may need to adjust your form and timing of communication to your clients. The 9 a.m. phone call to your client’s office now may need to be a 7 p.m. text. Working remotely instead of in the office and more responsibilities at home require some time flexibility. Ask them about the best times to reach them during this time. The US Chamber of Commerce suggests focusing on serving your customers through digital channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other instant messaging platforms, and video conferencing options through Skype or FaceTime.

Be informative

No one has all the answers, but by providing educational resources to your clients you are helping them get all the information they need.  In addition to your company information, here are some credible resources you can share with clients.

  • The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has a consumer resource website with answers to clients’ common insurance inquiries to help them make informed decisions, including tips on naming beneficiaries and consumer insurance guides.
  • The nonprofit organization Life Happens provides information on insurance types and coverage considerations, including a Life Insurance Needs Calculator. By providing non-biased third-party information, you are being transparent with your clients, adding to your credibility of a trusted advisor.
  • In ExamOne’s agent toolkit and on the consumer website there are checklists, videos and other resources to help educate and explain the importance of life insurance and the process of applying. Timely resources include specific questions about how life insurance exams are being performed with increased safety precautions during the COVID-19 crisis.

Be there

A recent Advisor’s Edge article reminds, “Ask about their families, their neighbors, their colleagues, and their companies. There are so many people coming together, it’s no longer about how they are, it’s about how this has impacted their community.” This is the time to reinforce that you care about your clients and their families. By taking notes and asking follow-up questions, you can continue to communicate with them more regularly.

Communication is key to help gain your clients’ trust during these uncharted times. By being proactive, honest, flexible, informative, and by just “being there” you are demonstrating your commitment to them not only during this temporary crisis, but for the long-term relationship.

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