Congratulations for taking the important step to protect your family with life insurance. We are here to help explain the process and steps you need to complete for an easy and successful application experience.  Life insurance agents have shared with us some of the most common questions they receive from their applicants during the process. Since you may have some of the same questions, we are providing more information to help you learn more about the life insurance process.

  • There is also a video that might answer some of your questions: you can view it here.
  • Find other FAQs about what to expect during the application process.

Common questions about the life insurance application process

Why am I getting blood drawn to apply for life insurance?

You are in the process of applying for life insurance and have found out you need a medical exam (also referred to as a paramedical exam) that includes a blood draw.  You may be wondering what is involved and want more details on why and how it will take place. We are here to walk you through the process for an easy and convenient life insurance application experience.

Why a blood draw?

A paramedical examination usually includes the recording of height, weight, blood pressure and pulse. The exam may also include a blood draw via venipuncture depending on the insurer’s underwriting guidelines for your age and insurance amount. The information obtained during the exam allows the insurance company to perform a comprehensive evaluation of your current health. 

How is blood draw performed?

Venipuncture is technically defined as: “the puncture of a vein, typically to withdraw a blood sample or for an intravenous injection.” This blood draw method is preferred for the insurance process versus a finger stick collection. When a blood sample is required by the insurance company, a medically trained ExamOne professional will perform the collection. Only single-use, sterile, disposable needles are used to collect the specimen and vinyl gloves are always worn.

What is the value of venipuncture?

You may have heard about obtaining life insurance without a medical exam or blood draw. However, your insurance carrier requires this step. This ensures that they are getting very accurate health information about you, which may help you obtain favorable rates for your good health. There is a reason that your physician probably collects blood through the same process of venipuncture. It’s considered the best practice for the most accurate laboratory testing and results. Quest Diagnostics is the leader in providing testing and results to physicians and hospitals across the country. Since ExamOne is a Quest Diagnostics company, you are benefiting from that national reputation and expertise.

After your venipuncture blood draw during the life insurance application process you can receive your interactive laboratory results online*.

You will be provided with your laboratory results online* after your exam is complete. This secure, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand online tool helps you become more aware of your health status. The interactive platform allows you to view your results by body system such as heart, kidney, liver, pancreas, thyroid, etc. You can also see which of your test results are out of range to quickly identify potential areas of concern. Sharing these health insights with your physician can help initiate conversations about your health.

See a demo of the online laboratory results experience here.

Thank you again for taking the steps to protect the ones you love by applying for life insurance. It’s an important decision and we are here to help make the process smooth and convenient.

Find other common questions about the life insurance application process here or email us with your questions

* Online results are for blood and urine specimens only, and availability is subject to carrier participation. Reports with sensitive results, such as positive HIV or drugs of abuse, are not provided online.

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