Last month, we featured our examiners who have “saved the day” during the life insurance application process. The personal interaction associated with health exams often makes examiners the “face” of ExamOne for the life insurance applicants. Now, we want to acknowledge more employees who could be considered the “ears” and “voice” of ExamOne.

Meet some of the dedicated customer service, sales, and operations employees who listen and talk to applicants and clients every day.

It’s a team effort in Fairfax, Virginia

Several separate nominations were received for employees working out of our Fairfax, Virginia ExamOne office.  “Everyone at the office does a fantastic job,” read one of the entries. Specifically, our Branch Manager DeAnte Adams, Customer Service Representative Yudith Ayala, and Sales Representative Tim Hershner received accolades.

“DeAnte is one of the most responsive people I’ve worked with. He provides his cell phone number to all agents and agency staff to reach him at any time.” – Life insurance agent

“My exam with Yudith could not have been easier. I really appreciate ExamOne’s flexibility and service! Thank you for making this exam happen with such efficiency and courtesy.” – Life insurance applicant

“Tim spends countless hours meeting with agents, listening to feedback. He tries to always accommodate the needs of our customers, no matter what. Because of this attention, we have heard lots of compliments from his clients. It also helps to keep applicants happy and moving forward with their policies. He will always take your call so he can quickly work to resolve any issues.”– Kellene Egan, Operations Manager

On-call customer service

Applicant and client needs don’t always stop at 5 p.m. We received examples of employees “saving the day,” or more accurately, “saving the night” when they went above and beyond after hours.

“I got a call on a Friday at about 10 minutes before 5 p.m. from an agent who needed an exam done that day. Branch Manager Brittany Sims juggled her schedule to get the exam done herself. She demonstrated unbelievable dedication to accommodate the agent’s and applicant’s request.” – John Ferguson, Sales Representative

“An issue came in after business hours via our Facebook page. Our Regional Account Manager Jim Van Ekeren, works later hours to be available for many of his clients on the West Coast. Since he was still in the office in the Midwest, he researched the situation and contacted the client’s Strategic Account Manager Carla Wiseman. The client was contacted that evening and provided an update. Our responsiveness and personal attention were greatly appreciated by the client.” – Andrew Patch, Marketing Manager

Life Insurance Awareness Month is focused on helping more families be protected with life insurance. However, it takes the behind-the-scenes dedication from our employees all year long to make their protection a reality. Thank you to our employees who play vital roles in helping give families peace of mind with life insurance coverage.

See more photos of our dedicated employees and some of the ways we celebrated their commitment to clients during Customer Service Week this year.


Reimagine 2018: New vision for a new year

by ExamOne on February 27, 2018

Reflect, recharge, reinvent. These were key themes at the 2018 ExamOne Convention which took place in Kansas City, February 12-14. More than 270 ExamOne associates gathered to learn about the company’s direction in 2018 and the message was simple: customer focus, innovation, urgency, and respect are key priorities as we move forward in a changing market.

“Our success is dependent on our ability to help our customers and employees succeed,” ExamOne President, Stuart Smith, said as he kicked off his first convention. “We must move with deliberate speed, focus on solutions, and embrace change.”

Stuart also shared his personal work philosophy of “work hard, be kind, give thanks” and that attitude was contagious throughout the meeting, as colleagues engaged in impromptu discussions during breaks and in between meetings sharing ideas regarding current and upcoming opportunities and initiatives.

Attendees expressed some of their “recharged” feelings in a post-convention survey:

“This is what I call my yearly pep rally. It gets me fired up just knowing we can do what we need to.”

“Love hearing and seeing how energized everyone is, this is a new year with a new direction.”

“Honored to work with such hard-working, dedicated, and passionate people.”

During their time together, employees heard from other members of the leadership team as well, clients and the convention’s key note speaker, Zane Wilemon, Executive Director of the Ubuntu Foundation. This year, ExamOne partnered with the Ubuntu Foundation, which creates meaningful jobs and implements pediatric health and educational programs in Kenya. Zane’s message addressed the importance of taking the time to reflect, recharge, and reinvent in order to reimagine one’s life, love, and work. Attendees then showed their creative side by making Valentines for each of the children at Ubuntu’s Special Needs Center in Maai Mahiu, Kenya.

After a final night of recognizing our top performers and team successes from 2017, employees returned home with a clear understanding of ExamOne’s vision of focusing on customers and employees in order to succeed and achieve our goals this year.

Top 4 blog posts from 2017

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Introducing ExamOne Health Solutions

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For nearly five decades, ExamOne has been a leader in providing comprehensive risk analysis services to the life insurance industry. Along the way, we continuously expanded and evolved our core competencies to serve the healthcare industry. Today, we are proud to introduce ExamOne Health Solutions. Leveraging the capabilities which have become our core competencies, we […]

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ExamOne 2.0 is here – ExamOne Convention 2017

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Change in the life insurance industry. Change in our company. Change in us. These changes and how we are adapting to them were the recurring messages at the 2017 ExamOne Convention in Kansas City, February 13-17. “We will continue to grow by adapting to market changes,” said ExamOne President Troy Hartman. “Investment in our people […]

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Our Paperless Process

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Introducing our eSignature paperless process. With DocuSign eSignautre, documents are immediately processed, saving time and paper.

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After more than a decade of decline, Center for Disease Control finds heart failure-related deaths increasing in the U.S.

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Heart failure continues to be a major public health problem in the United States, leading to significant morbidity and mortality. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has found that the age-adjusted rate for heart failure-related deaths has actually increased from 2012 through 2014. This disease increase can cause an increased burden to both the individuals […]

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Appointment prep: what members should know before their health risk assessment

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As health plans ramp up population health screening programs to close gaps in care for HEDIS 2016, special attention should be paid to preparing members for these initiatives. When members know what to expect and how they can prepare for an assessment, the process can be less stressful for them and the likelihood for compliance […]

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Regular health assessments important for diabetic member populations

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According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), nearly 10 percent of Americans are affected by diabetes, and 86 million are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. The ADA also estimates the total national cost of diagnosed diabetes in the United States amounts to $245 billion, with 1 in 5 of all health care dollars […]

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