Committed to: Improved health outcomes

by Jessica Wahaus on December 3, 2015

In addition to industry-leading life insurance lab collection and related services, ExamOne conducts and performs comprehensive health assessments and lab testing for Medicare Advantage, managed Medicaid and commercial health populations through its MediCheck™ solution.

Our nationwide network of nurse practitioners and in-depth follow up reporting is elevating the traditional “house call” for today’s healthcare environment. Following a telephonic health history interview with our industry-leading call center, members are met by our providers at home for a laboratory and biometrics collection. MediCheck connects the data from each stage of the assessment and produces a complete laboratory report for the member, the primary care provider and the health plan.

In 2014, MediCheck conducted 270,000 outreach calls to nearly 59,000 health plan members, completing thousands of in-home screenings. The results of these screenings provide health plans access to the data and insights needed to manage member health conditions and improve HEDIS scores in a number of different areas, including adult BMI assessments, colorectal cancer screening and blood pressure control.

Peter Wilkinson, Director of Operations for MediCheck, and his team are committed to providing a convenient assessment process for members in order to help health plans drive improved health outcomes. According to results from a member satisfaction survey, 8 out of 10 members became more aware of their health, and more than 95 percent would recommend the MediCheck process to a family member or friend.

“With MediCheck, our telephonic outreach and engagement, mobile phlebotomy and assessment program, we’ve simplified the process for the member – by going to the member’s home,” said Peter. “The result of our program is the ability for the health plan to identify potential disease states, and drive toward an improved health outcome for the member.”

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