Driving member engagement with education

by Jessica Wahaus on September 8, 2015

Member engagement and loyalty is critical in boosting Star ratings, and member education is a proven way to drive engagement. The more your members know about managing their health and the options they have to do so, the more involved they’ll be in their own care and the more satisfied they’ll be with their health plan.

Our MediCheck™ clients understand the importance of health risk assessments, but we want to make sure their members understand it, too. These assessments can provide valuable information about the member’s current health, and often identify areas where the member can improve his or her health. However, it is common for these members to feel uneasy about participating in an assessment – they may be unsure of how it works, why it is necessary, or how it is a benefit to them.

Watch the following video to learn about the MediCheck member experience, and see how our program is empowering health plans and their members to better manage member health.

You can also visit our playlist on YouTube to see more videos about MediCheck.

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