National Senior Health & Fitness Day

by Jessica Wahaus on May 26, 2015

nshfd_logo+themeNational Senior Health & Fitness Day is recognized this year on Wednesday, May 27. Organizations across the country will celebrate the 22nd annual event and raise awareness of healthy living and fitness for older Americans.

This year’s theme is “If You Keep Moving… You’ll Keep Improving!” An article by Karl Knopf, Ed. D. published in Mature Fitness indicated a fit, active 70-year-old “can be as strong as an unfit sedentary 30-year-old.” The article also notes that “an active person will decline physiologically only by about 1/2 percent per year compared to an inactive person who will decline by about 2 percent.”1

Regular physical activity and exercise is essential to all age groups, but is especially important for older adults to maintain quality of life. According to the National Institute on Aging, lack of physical activity can lead to more doctor visits, more hospitalizations, more prescriptions and even the loss of the ability to do things on their own. Staying active helps reduce stress, and studies suggest that exercise can improve or maintain cognitive function, as well as prevent or manage chronic diseases.

Health plans recognize the importance of active and healthy seniors. MediCheck™, a proactive health risk analysis program, provides valuable member health data back to the health plans and enables plans to measure and improve member outcomes. MediCheck can help identify areas of concern for seniors by collecting health data and history, reporting insights to the primary care physician and providing valuable member education and healthy lifestyle coaching. Learn more about MediCheck at

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