Recognizing our productive and professional employees

by Kem Snavely Frost on July 27, 2020

Call Center employees working from locations in Lee’s Summit, MO; Sedalia, MO; and San Diego, CA, and working at home by the hundreds, are dedicated to effectively and quickly gather information for our clients. These employees play a vital role in helping our clients collect the data they need to make important decisions. 

“I am very proud of the employees behind the voices on the phone and the keystrokes on the computer who represent ExamOne and our clients every day. They are dedicated to being productive and professional to help meet the business needs of all our customers. Thank you for your commitment to providing superior service.”
– Kathy Willms, Director of ExamOne Call Center Operations

We are proud to recognize some of our top performers.

Call Center Support Staff of the Year
Greg Smith

Honorable Mention for Call Center Support Staff of the Year
Roberto Barrero

APS Employee of the Year
Connie Ripperger

Honorable Mention for APS Employee of the Year
Kristen Fairchild

Teleunderwriting Leader of the Year
Luis Acosta Mesa

Honorable Mention for Teleunderwriting Leader of the Year
Spencer Trump

Scheduling Employee of the Year
Alex Chavez

Honorable Mention for Scheduling Employee of the Year
Kathryn Burton

Teleunderwriting Employee of the Year
Janet Flack

Honorable Mention for Teleunderwriting Employee of the Year
Brandi Harper

Significant employee milestones in 2020

by ExamOne on June 29, 2020

Join us in sharing our appreciation to these employees for reaching significant years-of-service milestones.

Amanda Jarvis
Amber Henderson
Carl McElvaine
Chantal Parent
Debra Stach
Debra Vonholten
Elva Yanez
Etoyal Truelove-Hawkins
Jamailla Carter
James Laughlin
Jean Paul Bovee
Jody Griffin,
Jonna Vollmer
Katina Brown
Kristin Clark
Lizzette Branam
Melinda Thomas
Melissa Nordmark
Merced Ness
Meta Johnson
Michelle Neil
Nele Loomis
Nicole Lindquist
Patricia Lindsey
Rebecca Gabona
Robert Frost
Shannon Carter
Steve Kambasis
Sylvie-Chantal McGill
Tiffany Oram
Wes George
Willie Arausa
Yona Wright
Zipporah Stanley
Amy Miley
Amy Susan Adams
Angela Crane
Cameila Newman
Carla Martin
Danilo Silva
Donna Crutchfield
Donna Terry
Gene Matarazzo
Ginger Davis
Jaime Krehbiel
Jane Healey
Kathy Connaughton
Kemberly Snavely Frost
Laura Felker
Lindsey Boudeman
Mary Mendoza
Michelle Boyles
Michelle Pallett
Traci Parrent

Jeff Thorpe
Kelli Mckernan
Keiko Roberts
Raj Nimkar
Sau Yim
Tonya Stancer
Tracy Lindsey

Delma Silva
Mickey Stockamp
Tina Lee

Carla Wiseman

Barbara Nelson

Canada life insurance clients have strong support in the field

November 1, 2019 #Committed2 You

ExamOne is proud of our extensive presence in Canada. When we celebrate our teams, we are excited to highlight our dedicated employees who support our Canadian clients. Helping our clients protect more families with life insurance is the goal in all the countries ExamOne serves. Felix Drake Canadian Producer Sales Representative of the Year “Felix […]

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