ExamOne Social Media Terms of Service

As part of our commitment to the life insurance industry, we are committed to providing you with a variety of lab testing and industry resources, tools, information and engaging conversations to help you create the best possible applicant experience. This commitment includes providing access to our senior executives and subject matter experts through our social media channels, which include but are not limited to the Blog, Twitter, Facebook page, LinkedIn Company pages and YouTube channel. As a general rule, we ask that you treat our social media channels just as you would all other forms of productive communication, which have a foundation in listening and respectful engagement with others. Please note that while we attempt to provide reasonable guidelines, as new opportunities and challenges emerge for all of us, these guidelines will evolve.

What you can expect from ExamOne

We will focus on being an industry resource, educating and engaging our audiences regarding lab testing, our services and industry topics, and helping interested parties in any way we can.

How we keep things productive and add value

Social media can be confusing to navigate so we have outlined an approach and set of expectations that should be easy to follow. We will not whitewash comments and discussions on our social properties but reserve the right to remove comments and conversations that:

  • are inappropriate or unconstructive
  • are directly soliciting commercial goods and services
  • are off topic to the life insurance industry
  • are disrespectful or vulgar toward individuals, companies or institutions
  • do not add value to the larger life insurance community

Comment Policy

These are our five principles:

  1. Use your best judgment
  2. Be aware of privacy issues
  3. Play nicely and be honest
  4. Respect the opinions of others
  5. Be helpful and productive

We look forward to “sharing” with you. Please feel free to contact us with questions, or if you would like additional information.