Celebrating our long-term employees’ commitment to ExamOne

by Kem Snavely Frost on June 12, 2018

Each summer, Quest Diagnostics and ExamOne have a designated day to recognize colleagues celebrating milestone service anniversaries. At ExamOne, we have 125 employees who have been with us for 20 or more years, and 13 of those are celebrating milestones this year—20, 25, 30 or 35 years.

These individuals have not only shown long-term dedication, but they have also helped shape the company we are today. They have all contributed to our company’s proud history. We asked several of these employees to share some of the reasons why they have made ExamOne their work “home” for so many years.

“’I have been given many opportunities by working here and have continually been challenged. It’s never boring! There are many good people working here who have become good friends. I appreciate that the company holds quality work as the highest accomplishment, because I feel the same way.” – Bonnie Riojas

“You spend just as much time at work as you do at home, so I’m thankful that I have made so many wonderful friendships over the years. These connections make the years go by very quickly!”  – Carla Moon

“I love my job because every call is different because of the person on the other end. Some of the clients who call regularly have become long-distance friends.” – Jeanne Peacock

“When I started with LabOne it was a good experience. Then when we were purchased by Quest Diagnostics it just got even better.” – Robin DiFilippo

At a luncheon in honor of milestone anniversaries, ExamOne President Stuart Smith and other Quest leadership personally thanked these employees for their contributions to the company. “I am proud of the commitment that our employees demonstrate on a daily basis. ExamOne employees have a great depth of experience and truly believe in the noble cause of providing protection for families with life insurance,” said Stuart.

Join us in sharing our appreciation for these committed employees:

20 Years
Connie Boca
Carla Moon
Jeanne Peacock
Robin DiFilippo
Paula Collier
Evelyn Sutton
Joyce Sammons

25 Years
Geeta Mehta
Stacy Roark

30 Years
Martha Johnson
Lisa Keith
Dara Colgan

35 Years
Bonnie Riojas

See photos from the recognition luncheon on our Facebook page.

At the recent Association of Home Office Underwriters (AHOU) meeting, Executive Vice President, Betsy Sears, shared insight that our data analytics team has collected and analyzed comparing self-disclosure to positive confirmations of various laboratory tests. Our insurance clients tell us consistently that fraud is a top concern – whether intentional or unintentional applicant nondisclosure, it can cost companies millions.

Since not everyone could join us at AHOU, we wanted to share a few highlights from Betsy’s presentation. Here are 3 stats that our recent study uncovered about the life insurance population.

  1. Five percent of applicants understate their weight by more than 25 pounds. It’s been known individuals sometimes may stretch the truth on their driver’s license when it comes to updating their weight number. Some believe they still weigh the same as they did at age 16 when they first completed the “weight” box at their local DMV. When it comes to applying for life insurance, are these people a little more truthful? The answer is not entirely. We recently studied the results of more than 40,000 applicants. An astounding 20.7% of individuals whose BMI was more than 30, stated a normal build class (BMI under 30) during the application.
  2. Tobacco nondisclosure involves knowingly omitting this information. Above I stated that there is intentional and unintentional nondisclosure. When it comes to tobacco, it’s a fairly safe assumption to say an individual knows if he or she smokes. It’s a term commonly referred to as “smoker’s amnesia” when a person conveniently forgets about his or her smoking use. In our study, 23% of individuals who tested positive for cotinine, denied tobacco use at the time of the application. If an individual knows an exam will not be completed, their tobacco use will not be confirmed. This allows them to receive the same rates as a non-smoker while carrying roughly twice the mortality risk.

Present value of premium savings from avoiding a smoker classification in 20-year term policies:
20 year-old female, $100,000 face amount: $180
60 year-old male, $1 million face amount: $50,000 

  1. New hepatitis C (Hep C) infections have nearly tripled since 2010. According to Quest Diagnostics, Hep C is a silent disease because symptoms can take decades to develop. More than 3 million people in the United States have a chronic Hep C virus infection but are not aware because they do not look or feel sick. Our team discovered 77% of applicants who tested positive for Hep C did not disclose during the application. It is possible many of these individuals did not know of their existing condition prior to receiving their laboratory results.

Final thoughts

Each of the above conditions can contribute to other health-related diseases such as heart disease, stroke and cancer – all of which can have serious mortality implications. We invite you to join us for our upcoming webinar where Betsy Sears will reveal more hidden truths that are omitted from the life insurance application and how you can protect your bottom line.

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