Earlier last month, we announced that we are enhancing our laboratory ID slip and will pre-populate applicant information on all ExamOne laboratory accounts, effective October 1, with the goal of providing a better experience for you and your applicants.

Over the past two weeks, our team has received some great questions from our customers regarding this update. We worked with our Product Manager, Jason Day, to answer the most common questions.

Pre-populated lab slip

Q. What is the difference between the e-lab slip that ExamOne already has in place and the new pre-populated lab slip?
A. The electronic lab slip is an app that is deployed to a segment of examiners who are equipped with corporately owned iPads. The pre-filled lab slip is targeted at examiners who do not have an iPad, so therefore are still working on paper. This allows examiners to receive the same “pre-populated” benefit that our iPad examiners experience when using the electronic lab slip, thus reducing data entry errors, shortening the time of the exam and improving paperwork quality for our clients.

Q. The current e-lab slip is being e-signed. Why does the pre-populated lab slip need wet signature?
A. The new pre-populated lab slip is ultimately still a paper version of the form. Instead of the examiner using a completely blank version from the lab kit, we will be printing a version of that form with the work order. This allows us to pre-populate the form with all of the applicant information that already exists in our system, including physical measurements, such as height, weight and blood pressure. It will still require an applicant signature at the time of the exam.

Q. For paper exams, will the examiner be required to print out the lab slip prior to the exam appointment? What if the examiner does not print it out prior to exam?
A. The pre-populated lab slip will automatically print with the work order. No additional steps are required. A blank lab slip will still be available in the kit if for some reason the examiner does not have a pre-populated lab slip.

Q. For e-Paramed, will the pre-populated lab slip be incorporated and be e-signed?
A. This process does not impact our iPad fleet. We will still continue to collect electronic lab slips in the same manner we do today.

Q. It was communicated that ExamOne will send the lab slip to the client electronically. Will ExamOne also send the instructions on how applicants can obtain their laboratory results online?
A. Results delivery will remain the same as they are today. The only notable change is that the client will begin to see more of the handwritten lab slips replaced with typed versions. Applicants will receive instructions on how they can access their laboratory results as they do today.

Q. Does this pertain to Canada too, or only the US?
A. The pre-populated lab slip is currently available only on U.S. orders and in English.

Q. Is the pre-populated lab slip different than what we are receiving today?
A. The lab slip itself will not be different. We have just identified a more efficient way of providing it to the examiner.

We are excited about the improvements that will be a part of this update. If you have any further questions, please contact your Strategic Account Executive.

Transforming life insurance into a lifetime of benefits

by Phil Williamson on September 18, 2018

An insurance company that has sensors on a customer’s water pipes to detect leaks? Or how about one that guarantees the aging population a spot in a retirement-type home? These are just a couple of customer loyalty benefits insurance companies in other countries are offering to their customers.

Now, let’s translate this into life insurance companies. What perks and benefits can a life insurer offer their applicants that shows them, “My life insurance company is a partner with me for life.”

I started my career in the life insurance space 11 years ago. However, I spent the last five years immersed with our life and health sciences team developing solutions for health insurers to help them improve their member outcomes. When the opportunity arose to come back to the life insurance industry last year, I didn’t hesitate. As I have traveled from industry events to customer meetings, continuously seeing new faces, I have realized many parallels between life insurers and health insurers.

Health plans aim to manage their aging population’s health and quality of life in order to prevent more healthcare claims. Similarly, life insurers want to improve their applicant’s mortality risk so they can protect their bottom line. The healthier applicants are, the longer they will live, and the fewer claims the insurer is likely to pay out. As part of a bigger healthcare company, Quest Diagnostics, it’s important for us to place an emphasis on individual health. We believe there is an opportunity for insurers to connect with their policy holders to help them adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Encouraging applicants to make their health a priority

Several years ago, we launched Inside Look®, which allows applicants to view their personal laboratory results online. To date, more than 2,700,000 applicants have viewed their results. This year, we introduced a new, comprehensive wellness report through InsideWellness®. Some have suggested that InsideWellness could be used as an annual health review for applicants. By offering an annual health review to your applicants, they continuously stay engaged with their health. Further, it continues to provide health insights to the insurer as well.

If labs were not drawn at the time of the initial application, underwriters would not be able to identify any health or activity changes that may be of concern. The annual health report could potentially identify new tobacco users, marijuana/drug use, obesity, diabetes, or other medical conditions. Using this as an annual review also helps ensure your policyholders are aware of any changing health risks.

Looking ahead

As we look to the future, it’s important we continue to evolve and that we never lose sight of the applicant. While life insurance may be a one-time purchase, it shouldn’t mean just a one-time meeting with your customer. It should be a policy for life that encourages applicants to manage all their risks – both financial and health-related.

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Take action on World Hepatitis Day

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The rise in workforce drug positivity may be a concern among the life insurance population

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Celebrating our long-term employees’ commitment to ExamOne

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