Employee recognition reception

Last week, we honored thousands of colleagues during our annual Recognition Day by recognizing employees’ milestone service anniversaries. The efforts and commitment of our long-time employees help us continue to create inspiring workplaces for all of our employees.

This year, we recognized more than 5,700 team members who are reaching a Quest milestone anniversary—five years or more, in increments of five years. ExamOne employees made up 131 of those employees.

Celebrations were held across the company and the country, including a reception at the Lenexa laboratory for the 15-, 20- and 25-year milestone employees. ExamOne President Stuart Smith congratulated the honorees, saying, “I truly appreciate your dedication to ExamOne. Your years of service have certainly contributed to our success – in the past, present, and the future.”

Join us in sharing our appreciation to these employees for reaching significant milestones.


May Lau
Chantal Galarneau
Carmelle Cormier
Daniel Malats
Tina Sims
Jennifer Wilson
Kristen Meythaler
Debra Skalisky
Diana Rabagh
Patricia Pines
Elizabeth Johnson
Mychele Showalter-Cole
Jane Yianakopolos
Crystal Campbell
Jeanna Tuite
Margie Paymon
Robert Johnson
Christen Belcher
Michelle Shaffer
Vicki Rodriguez
Tonya Brocket
Nilda Carrillo
Grant  Mott
Marnie Vieselmeyer
Tracy Ingwerson
Wendy Macrorie
Paul Walker
James Van Ekeren
David Dewhurst
Jason Day
Regina James


Kelly Berry
Donna Weiland
Monica Learned
Cory Stout
Esther Kwon
Quinetta Coleman
Gwendolyn Rowe
Peter Warchola
Mahnoor Shabbir
Kendell Shull
Vera Ann Dowdle
Emilia Fiedler
Mary Canada
Michelle Castaneda
Leon Huynh
Janice Jones
Rika Byrne


Sheila Barkun
Bob Morris
John Clark
Kaye Smith

Thank you to these individuals who have not only shown long-term dedication but have also helped shape the company we are today. They have all contributed to our company’s proud history. Read more about some of our other ExamOne committed employees.

Employees are crucial to ExamOne’s success

by Andrew Patch on June 6, 2019

At ExamOne we’re committed to helping protect loved ones with life insurance. Our employees are a crucial element in our success. Each year, we recognize the efforts of the hardworking employees who are proven leaders in demonstrating our commitment to the life insurance industry.

We recently connected with each winner to learn more about them and what it takes to become successful members of the ExamOne team.

Shelby Hildebrand
Award: Regional Account Manager of the Year

Time with ExamOne: 15 years

What’s the most rewarding part of your job or what do you love most about it?

Meaningful connection with customers and team members is the most rewarding part of my job. Understanding their needs and executing to expediently provide more than expected. Representing ExamOne as a customer-focused and “customer first” organization. Being a person our customers and team know they can count on!

What’s one unique strategy that helped you win business or serve our customers in 2018?
Communication is everything! Expedient, reliable, and consistent communication. Our customers deserve to feel confident that when they’ve brought something forth, I’m seeing it through to the fullest and with the highest priority.

In addition, I observe trends and serve as the voice of the customer internally: advocating needs, escalating issues, providing input into the development of new features, providing solutions to customer partnership development, retention and expansion to increase profitability and growth for both our customers and ExamOne.

Favorite quote or saying?

Go out on a limb, that’s where the fruit is. –Advice from a tree

In every situation, in every interaction, in every day – be a noticer of the good.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Spend time with my family; husband Bryan and three kids, ages 10, 8, and 4. We live on a lake which makes for lots of fun swimming, fishing and playing. We enjoy camping and trips to the desert for off-roading adventures!

What leadership thinks: “Shelby is an excellent communicator with ExamOne customers. She is detailed, highly organized, and fun to work with. We have several customers who come back to us and say how much they enjoy working with Shelby. That’s exactly what we need from the Account Manager position.” – Joey Grant, Senior Vice President of Commercial Sales

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