Introducing ExamOne Health Solutions

by Jessica Wahaus on March 10, 2017

For nearly five decades, ExamOne has been a leader in providing comprehensive risk analysis services to the life insurance industry. Along the way, we continuously expanded and evolved our core competencies to serve the healthcare industry.

Today, we are proud to introduce ExamOne Health Solutions. Leveraging the capabilities which have become our core competencies, we now provide leading healthcare companies with unique insights gathered from risk adjustment programs, specialty specimen collections, laboratory testing, and contact center solutions. As a Quest Diagnostics® company, ExamOne has the leverage and expertise to fulfill a variety of complex business needs for healthcare organizations.

Quality and risk assessment solutions for health insurers

ExamOne first entered the health insurer world in 2013 with our MediCheck™ clinical risk assessment program. Health plans can improve HEDIS scores and Star ratings and close gaps in care by utilizing MediCheck’s mobile phlebotomy and nurse practitioner member evaluations.

We also help health insurers close member data gaps with historical prescription and laboratory information through ScriptCheck® and QuestCheck®, while Quest’s Data Diagnostics® point-of-care platform enables providers to support value-based care with real-time, member-specific data analysis.

Robust collection network for health and wellness providers

National programs require national coverage, yet smaller programs may need experienced collectors that are typically not accessible. Our network provides both. ExamOne’s mobile phlebotomist network is the largest of its kind in the industry, which provides broader reach and capabilities to complete mobile health screenings. Health plans also have access to more than 2,200 Quest patient service centers across the country for additional collection options.

Using our robust paramedical collection network, ExamOne Health Solutions can support health and care management companies across the care continuum by providing screening and assessment services on an individual basis or in group settings.

Flexible contact center solutions for healthcare companies

Healthcare organizations rely heavily on data about their patients, members and customers in order to deliver care with positive outcomes. Oftentimes, a personalized phone call to these individuals is the most efficient way to obtain that essential missing information. Our experience in the life insurance industry has allowed ExamOne to develop a specialized approach for companies needing contact center solutions. Our contact centers have specialized in collecting consumer information for nearly 20 years in an efficient and quality-controlled environment. From complex surveys and questionnaires to friendly reminders, our experienced team and advanced technology can get you answers.

Backed by the expertise we’ve developed over the last 45 years, our Health Solutions division is committed to providing health and wellness organizations the tools they need to provide exceptional care to patients and members, while maintaining the health of the business. Learn more at

There is no choice but to change – Stat!

by Troy Hartman on March 6, 2017

I have an analogy that I have been using more often lately. It goes like this: A critically injured man is rushed into the emergency room and the doctor needs to run tests to save his life so he yells, “FICO score, stat!” It usually gets a laugh or two, but the very real issue of undermining the value of vital health data in our industry is not funny at all. The current state of our business that elicits this anecdote is just one of the reasons we are evolving our offerings and launching a significant enhancement to our Policy Express process.

three circlesThe new Policy Express workflow—Policy Express 2.0—will continue to push our industry towards a more consumer-oriented process that’s quicker and provides a more individualized approach to risk determination. Not only is it more accurate and efficient, it also has the best opportunity of resulting in the best premium offer for each applicant. Consumers benefit from our process that doesn’t rely solely on lifestyle information versus health data to determine their health status.

It’s a win-win. We provide the requirements and protective value to give consumers better, fairer pricing. Insurance companies receive the needed health information to price competitively while still protecting their company’s applicant mortality risk and ultimately long-term future. Since life insurance isn’t just for the ultra-healthy or ultra-wealthy, new processes must be transparent and fair for all parties.

Utilizing the powerful combination of health, behavioral, and self-reported health history data, Policy Express 2.0 positions us all to build the most precise risk profiles for applicants while still achieving a faster, more personalized risk assessment. The real-time triage workflow provides health data that can be used to quickly approve, decline or send applicants through to next steps of laboratory testing and Risk IQ scoring. It also helps in finding the “Hidden Healthy” and creating robust profiles for applicants who need more detailed assessments.

I will always put more trust and faith in underwriting decisions obtained from results that include a complete health analysis with laboratory testing. But as we built Policy Express 2.0., it made the radical industry shift away from the proven standard more apparent to me. Ultimately, we have to ask ourselves if these changes are good for us, our industry, and applicants. I want to spend more time addressing some of these new concerns in more detail in a future blog article.  However, for now excuse my spoiler alert, but there is no question we all are going to have to change… “Stat!”

Screenings can save lives

March 2, 2017 Applicants

Did you know colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in men and women in the U.S.? Although the mortality rate has been declining for several decades, the American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates there will be more than 135,000 new cases and over 50,000 deaths from […]

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ExamOne 2.0 is here – ExamOne Convention 2017

March 1, 2017 Uncategorized

Change in the life insurance industry. Change in our company. Change in us. These changes and how we are adapting to them were the recurring messages at the 2017 ExamOne Convention in Kansas City, February 13-17. “We will continue to grow by adapting to market changes,” said ExamOne President Troy Hartman. “Investment in our people […]

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Protect your family: There is nothing more valuable than your health

February 20, 2017 Uncategorized

Protecting your family and loved ones are very important responsibilities. However, you can’t protect them if you are not healthy yourself. Early in the year, “health” goals are especially popular. Health and laboratory screenings are a couple of ways one can better understand his or her health status — and getting them may be easier […]

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Knowing the value of improved fasting guidelines

February 13, 2017 Carriers

In our continued effort to improve the applicant experience while adhering to the latest medical standards, we have updated our fasting guidelines for life insurance exams. Our recommendation to clients and applicants is that fasting is no longer necessary before a life insurance blood or urine collection. This recommendation is based on evidence that shows […]

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Flexible contact center solutions

February 6, 2017 Carriers

You need answers. Literally. ExamOne’s contact center solution has specialized in collecting consumer information for nearly 20 years in an efficient and quality-controlled environment. From complex surveys and questionnaires to friendly reminders, our experienced team and advanced technology can get you answers. Some industries require a more comprehensive contact center partner to create customized calling […]

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How we can help you grow your brokerage business

February 2, 2017 #Committed2 You

The beginning of the year is a great time to review your business strategies and explore improvement opportunities. Whether you believe in resolutions or not, making a list of action items can help you achieve your goals in 2017—and we’re here to help. See how our ExamOne Superior Solutions has tailored our offerings to meet your unique […]

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Let us be your extended new business team

February 1, 2017 #Committed2 You

Our Brokerage Sales team is committed to growing your business and the applicant’s experience. We look forward to working with you and your organization this year. Feel free to contact our dedicated team for more information.   Melanie Carter | Vice President, Sales Melanie has been an active professional in the insurance industry, servicing the paramedical needs for […]

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Welcoming busy applicants with choice and convenience

January 18, 2017 Applicants

Location, location, location. This is a common catch phrase in real estate, but it’s also becoming more important to life insurance applicants as well. In today’s busy and very mobile society, consumers—including life insurance applicants—want options that best meet their on-the-go lifestyles. To meet this growing consumer demand, ExamOne gives applicants a choice when deciding […]

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