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Drinking and life insurance: Laboratory insights help identify the rising risk of alcohol abuse

April 12, 2024 By

A cost-effective test to identify and properly price alcohol risk is the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) assay. Simply adding this to your testing profile provides blood alcohol values and an indication of your applicant’s recent alcohol intake.


Did you have a positive life insurance exam experience?

January 31, 2024 By

Find out how ExamOne ensures that our staff and processes are performing to the highest standard by continuously monitor life insurance applicants’ satisfaction survey results and consumer input.


ExamOne examiners RISE UP to care for our clients’ applicants and patients

August 28, 2023 By

Every day, our examiners demonstrate many of the behaviors that we value. Find out how these individuals who power our national network live these values.


Working together to help more people, one exam at a time

August 28, 2023 By

ExamOne helps bring the laboratory to millions of people every year through our dedicated examiners. Meet our 2023 Examiner of the Year Tammy Adams.

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2022 ExamOne Awards: Employees RISING UP

March 1, 2023 By

During our ExamOne convention, we held our annual employee awards ceremony to celebrate individual and group accomplishments across the organization from 2022.

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50 Years of Laboratory Testing: A look back at the role and evolution of laboratory testing in life insurance risk assessment

October 30, 2022 By

Find out how laboratory testing in life insurance risk assessment continued to change in the 2000s and into the new century.

Ask The Experts

Ask the Expert: Applicant texting program answers

May 19, 2022 By

To better reach consumers and improve turnaround times, text messages are delivered at key moments during the life insurance application journey. Our Product and Marketing team compiled some frequently asked questions from clients about the texting program.

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Successful employees make ExamOne more successful

March 14, 2022 By

ExamOne's virtual convention featured our annual award presentations celebrating our teams' accomplishments and top-performing employees.


Decentralized clinical trials bring research to the participant

September 8, 2021 By

Remote, virtual or hybrid ─ decentralized clinical trials with in-home specimen collection offer greater safety, flexibility, and convenience.


What is Mobile Phlebotomy?

August 13, 2021 By

Mobile phlebotomy services provide flexible, safe and convenient access to comprehensive diagnostic services. Mobile phlebotomists can collect blood specimens in the home, at the workplace, or during an event in 10-20 minutes.