Did you have a positive life insurance exam experience?

To ensure that our staff and processes are performing to the highest standard, we continuously monitor life insurance applicants’ satisfaction survey results and consumer input. This feedback helps reveal areas of the life insurance application process that impact consumers’ opinions the most. With more than 24,500 responses to our consumer satisfaction survey in 2023, the below trends rose to the surface.

Professional staff

Our survey found that 97% of respondents reported that “the examiner was courteous and professional.” In addition, 95% of appointments were on-time.

“I was surprised at how smooth the process was from start to finish. The examiner was on time, courteous, easy to work with, and efficient. She contacted me before to remind me of the appointment and how to prepare. Thank you for the unexpectedly easy process. – Life insurance applicant


More than 55% of applicants chose either an office location or at-home collection said they choose the location because “most convenient place for me”.

74% of applicants who chose to complete their personal history questionnaire online versus over the phone reported that they chose to do so because of “convenience of completing on my own time”.

The examiner who came to my house was very communicative and on time. She was very professional, and the experience was enjoyable. It was much better than having to get in my car and go somewhere. I really enjoyed having it done in the comfort of my own home.” – Life insurance applicant

Ease of scheduling

“The company made it easy for me to schedule my appointment at a time that was convenient for me.”  The survey introduced this new question last year that measures how much effort applicants put in to scheduling their paramed exam. This score is called a Customer Effort Score (CES) with a 1-7 ranking – 1 being not easy and 7 being very easy.

We are averaging a 6.6 on the 7-point scale, meaning that consumers find scheduling an appointment very easy.

Overall satisfaction

The majority of respondents are satisfied with their ExamOne experience. ExamOne’s Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score in 2023 was 92% (on a scale of 100). While CSAT scores vary by industry, a good score will typically fall between 75% and 85%.

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, an organization that benchmarks customer experience across industries, the life insurance industry average CSAT is 80%.

“This location I went to was so fast like a well-run restaurant drive-thru, the facility was clean, the staff was professional.” – Life insurance applicant

The financial security and protection for families that life insurance provides is an important goal that ExamOne supports. We provide consumers with professional staff, convenience of screening locations options, and ease of scheduling to help ensure that policy completion is not stalled or hindered.

To find out more about how we help ensure a positive life insurance applicant experience with education and resources, visit MyExamOne.com.