2022 ExamOne Awards: Employees RISING UP

2022 Award Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award: Betsy Sears

Commercial Player of the Year: Brian Lanzrath

Operations Player of the Year: Ashlie McCoy

MVP (Most Valuable PEOPLE): Our field leaders – Peggy Artz, Judy Bannister, Jennifer Bingham, Deborah Brand, Kristen Britain, Melissa Burt, Heather Caldwell, Michelle Castaneda, Mary Chapparo, Gaynelle Coley, Lisa Crawford, Raven Damon, Melenie Dean, Nelson Duarte, Moneda Duckworth, Shirley Durham, Rachel Esperanza, Julie Fitzpatrick, Brandy Goetz, Erik Gonzales, Cori Green, Kara Helland, Leon Huynh, Karyn Knight, Crystal Lavallee, Melissa Leonberger, Virginia Martinelli, Nicole Mccartney, Stephanie McClellan, Melissa L Nordmark, Meredith J Norris, Barbara O’Neill, Audrea Peoples, Patricia Pines, Allison Poindexter, Michelle Riner, Christine Robinson, Brittany Sims, Bobbie Stack, Connie Steele, Erma Thomas, Ana Tosco, Brooke Wallace, Haley Witkowski, Elva Yanez

Operations Awards

Call Center Awards    

Call Center Leader of the Year: Mollie Brummer
Call Center Teleinterviewer Employee of the Year: Rebecca Whiting
Medical Records Employee of the Year: Amy Campbell

Customer Solutions Center Awards           

CSG Rep of the Year: Allison Ryan
Case Manager of the Year: Brittney Johnson
Task Force Rep of the Year: Larry McDaniel

Specimen Processing, Imaging and Data Entry  

Above and Beyond: Sharonda Jenkins


Canada Turnaround Time: Vancouver, BC 
Canada Above and Beyond: Jenna Shattler  

IT Award       

HTAS Employees of the Year: Brad Morneau & Steve Garey

Health Solutions      

Account Rep of the Year: Matthew Christian
Shipping Clerk of the Year: Lesly Capetillo
Customer Service Rep of the Year: Rosetta Fayne

Field Operations

Highest iPad Utilization
1 ExamOne Orange
2 ExamOne Portland
3 ExamOne Little Rock

Highest Quality 
1 ExamOne Des Moines
2 ExamOne Las Vegas
3 ExamOne Minneapolis

Lowest Turnaround Time
1 ExamOne Omaha
2 ExamOne Rancho Cucamonga
3 ExamOne Orange

Best 3 Day Scheduling
1 ExamOne Rancho Cucamonga
2 ExamOne Las Vegas
3 ExamOne Glendale

Highest ICE over Goal 
1 ExamOne Atlanta
2 ExamOne Philadelphia
3 ExamOne Springfield

Most Improved Office
1 ExamOne Louisville
2 ExamOne Harrisburg
3 ExamOne Boston

ExamOne Ambassador: Brittany Sims

Strategic Ops Manager of the Year: Michelle Castaneda

Office of the Year: ExamOne Rancho Cucamonga – Mary Chapparo

Top Examiner of the Year: Tammy Adams

Sales Awards

Field Sales Rep Awards
Most YOY Growth % for Top 5 US Accounts: Laura Gibson
Field Sales Representative of the Year Canada: Marie-Chantal Galarneau
Field Sales Representative of the Year US: Laura Gibson

Health and Life Sciences

Health and Life Sciences Ambassador: Adam Lee

National Sales Awards

Highest YoY revenue gaining account in Data: Andrew Sutton
Highest YoY revenue gaining account in Core: Beth Thrasher
Commercial Collaboration Award: Kirk Marnell
Highest Revenue Professional Services: Beth Thrasher
Strategic Account Executive (SAE) of the Year: Beth Thrasher
Account Manager (AM) of the Year: Jim Van Ekeren