Staying engaged with the life insurance underwriting community

Industry events are valuable opportunities for the life insurance community to come together to reconnect professionally and personally, recharge with new learnings, and reflect on current trends. After returning from the Association of Home Office Underwriters (AHOU) conference this year, some of our leaders report back on the topics that were top of mind this year.


“At ExamOne, strong relationships with our clients are a top priority for us. I appreciated the opportunity to listen and learn more from my conversations with our partners and colleagues at AHOU. I have discovered that the more we connect and collaborate, the more we can achieve together. Our partnerships have been vital as we all continue to evolve with the changing market. We remain committed to delivering solutions to meet your needs. From our laboratory expertise and innovative data offerings to the largest operations footprint in the country, we are here to support you and your goals.

– Keith Ward, ExamOne President



“As a first-time attendee and speaker at AHOU, I was warmly welcomed into to a wonderful community of dedicated and passionate professionals. From talking to attendees after my presentation and attending other informative sessions, it is obvious that there is a strong desire to keep advancing the industry’s medical knowledge and expertise that is integral to life insurance underwriting.  Some of the ‘hot topics’ during the conference led to several conversations about how current and historical medical and laboratory data can counter trends like mortality slippage and increasing non-disclosure rates. I left excited about the prospect of how we can continue to innovate and demonstrate the undeniable strong value of laboratory and medical information.”

–Hope E. Karnes, MD, PhD, ExamOne Medical Director



“One big takeaway from AHOU this year was the discussion on all the mortality slippage most carriers have had to absorb since jumping into an automated underwriting process. The tools from 5-6 years ago weren’t as effective as first scoped and have made it a very real issue now. However, there is good news, the data available today is so much better and the new and enhanced tools seem to be outperforming the old ones. Many in attendance concluded it is probably time, if you have not already done so, to re-evaluate your current AU process.”

– John Reynolds, ExamOne Sr. Vice President of Commercial & Business Development




“Connecting one-on-one with clients is so beneficial for both ExamOne and our customers. I get valuable operations and field service feedback firsthand and they now have another advocate within our organization. Together as a team, we can create the solutions that will best service their business needs. It is important that we show our customers how we are truly invested and engaged in our client partnerships. When we support each other, we grow together.”

– Gaurav Malik, ExamOne Sr. Vice President of Operations





“Staying up-to-date and informed on current industry topics, as well as research and development, is so important in the ever-evolving life insurance underwriting environment, and our industry as a whole. As part of the AHOU program committee, we are committed to delivering relevant and interesting content to attendees. The goal is to cover current and emerging trends that will carry us into the future. And as an underwriter, I look forward to working with our clients to utilize this new knowledge and learnings by creating innovative options and solutions for our customers’ workflows.”

– Heather Haslam, ExamOne Certified Professional Underwriter and AHOU Program Committee Member