CBC: The most common medical panel you aren’t using, and its advantages in underwriting

Routine clinical testing is dominated by three major panels, but for historical reasons only two (the comprehensive metabolic and lipid panels) are widely used in underwriting today.* The third, the Complete Blood Count (CBC), represents a large and untapped source of mortality and morbidity insights that can be readily accessed in real time through ExamOne’s LabPiQture™.**

Could you be missing out on valuable underwriting insights found in clinical and laboratory tests? Are you fully utilizing the clinical laboratory test results delivered through LabPiQture in your underwriting decision process?

In a recent ExamOne webinar, Brian Lanzrath, Director of Analytics, and Marnie Vieselmeyer, Strategic Account Executive and Data Specialist, answered these 2 questions. They discussed the value of laboratory data, the prevalence of the CBC in clinical data, its component tests, and, most importantly, how it can aid your risk assessment process through the identification of anemia, bleeding disorders, infections, cancers, and much more.

Key takeaways you will learn:

  • Why the CBC panel wasn’t originally used in life underwriting and why it should be used today
  • What tests are a part of the CBC panel
  • How the CBC is effective at predicting correlated diagnosis
  • The ways that underwriters can identify risk factors with the CBC panel
  • About a case study in which the CBC components provide a unique perspective in uncovering a Leukemia patient

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The CBC panel is a tool that can be very helpful in your underwriting process. To learn more, please contact your ExamOne representative.

About LabPiQture:

ExamOne’s LabPiQture is a unique real time data product that provides valuable historical laboratory data in seconds. With LabPiQture you can take a deep dive into an individual health history and utilize many of the common lab test results found on the clinical sidespecifically the CBC.

*Based on ExamOne’s data, reporting and findings

**Based on ExamOne’s data, reporting and findings