Three key principles to consumer convenience during the life insurance application journey

To help make the underwriting process faster for insurers and the application journey easier for applicants, ExamOne focuses on 3 key convenience principles: access, self-service, and no friction. From appointment scheduling to accessing personal laboratory results, making the life insurance application process easy and simple for applicants is a top priority.


1. ACCESS to more appointments

Making it quicker and easier to complete requirements is a benefit to both consumers and carriers. That’s why we give applicants access to more exam appointments at a variety of locations. From an ExamOne office or a Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center (PSC) to a visit from a mobile examiner, applicants have convenient choices.  By providing more scheduling options and exam location choices, consumers are more likely to find a convenient option for their lifestyle.

Out of over 16,600 applicants survey respondents, 56% stated they chose the location because it was “most convenient for me”.1


2. SELF-SERVICE options

Texting programs* keep applicants informed about their upcoming appointment. Applicants receive text alerts to schedule their exam appointment and receive appointment reminders, confirmations, information on how to prepare for the exam, and a notification when it’s time to review their laboratory results. Applicants may appreciate having this information at their fingertips.

In the same survey, when asked about the ease and convenience of scheduling their appointment, applicants rated ExamOne a 6.7 out of 7.1

Applicants also have self-serve options when providing personal history information. Carriers can offer multiple personal history collection methodsin-person, teleinterviews, and online questionnaires.

A new paperless paramed option gives applicants the ability to self-report the information collected in a Part II questionnaire, at the time and location that works best for them, via computer or mobile device. Or, if they prefer, the questionnaire can be completed by speaking with one of our call center representatives.


3. FRICTION-FREE interactions

ExamOne is dedicated to assisting clients and applicants through the requirement-gathering process. From our examiners and laboratory workers on the front lines to the operational and sales teams, we are here to assist with every step of the process. We are committed to working tirelessly to deliver solutions that help protect more families, one life at a time.

93% of applicants were satisfied with ExamOne, out of over 16,600 respondents.1

Our dedicated website,, offers great resources during the entire life insurance journey, helping applicants feel prepared and at ease.

These three key convenience principlesaccess, self-service, and no frictionare essential to making the life insurance application process easy and simple for applicants and clients. Contact your ExamOne representative to find out how to apply these principles to your application journey.


1 2023 January-August ExamOne applicant survey.
* Eligibility is based on insurance carrier participation.