5 reasons why to choose ExamOne for your interviewing needs

Does your business need to gather personal history information through inbound or outbound calls?

ExamOne’s contact center specializes in obtaining this data in an efficient and quality-controlled environment. From complex surveys and questionnaires to friendly reminders, our experienced team and advanced technology can get you answers.

1. Scalable and professional staffing: Our virtual call center model makes us the ideal partner to support your inbound and outbound needs. Our hours of operation cover all time zones.

2. Actional data: Interviews are uniquely designed to meet your data collection and underwriting needs. We support the life, health, annuity, med supp, and claims markets.

3. Flexible call queue management: We’ve invested heavily in our call center technology. Our outreach methods, reporting, and analytics improve the interview experience, reduce call times, and build brand loyalty.

4. Customized scripts: Reflexive questioning with integrated tools to select medications and easily search for doctors.

5. Quality: To meet the highest industry call quality standards, we have a dedicated team responsible for reviewing calls and auditing the interviewer and consumer experience.

Want more information on how our innovative call center capabilities and data collection options could best fit your business needs? Read our Ask the Expert post on collecting and delivering vital consumer data to our clients. Or feel free to reach out to Yona.M.Wright@examone.com, your Strategic Account Executive, or Account Manager.