Thank you to our long-tenured team members

This year, Quest Diagnostics recognized more than 5,000 team members who are reaching a Quest milestone work anniversary—five years or more, in increments of five years. ExamOne employees make up 142 of those employees. Please join us in celebrating our committed colleagues.

“Over the years, they have helped us achieve our values of customer first, care for all, collaboration, continuous improvement, and curiosity every day. I believe it’s a strong testament to ExamOne’s overall success and culture that we have such long-tenured team members. Thank you.” – Subu Ramachandran, ExamOne President

15 Years
Adam Sequoyah
Alisa Gipson
Andrew Sutton
Angela Oliver
Anna Foreman
Dawn Williams
Dolores Jeter
Glenda Smith
Harold Means
Jamie Colon
Kerry Schirk
Kristina Paddy
Larry Markel
LaVeda Johnson
Linda Oats
Lucas Gaines
Merrily Nyange
Michelle Winch
Pam Watson
Phillip Smith
Sandra Foster
Theresa Munkers
Tracy Holloway
Tyler Carrington
Yolanda Herrera

20 Years
Ana Tosco
Brian Lanzrath
Christopher Owens
Jennifer Tlachac
Kimberly Repp
Lindsay Perkins
Marsha Grant
Miriam Grutz
Norma Soria
Sherri Zarda
Silvia Secades

25 Years
Anastasia Montgomery
Arlene Brickner
Carla Amos
Carla Moon
Cornelia Boca
Jill Bishop
Lisa Preston
Robin Briggs

30 Years
Geeta Mehta
Jennifer Cuffari
Mary Chapparo

35 Years
Dara Colgan
Lisa Keith
Martha Johnson

40 Years
Laurie Morgan