Meet our customer service and call center champions

“This week we celebrate our Customer Service Groups for the important roles they play in connecting with our clients, applicants, and consumers. We witness daily their energy, expertise, and passion to serve our customers. Their dedication helps us all succeed.” – ExamOne President Subu Ramachandran

Earlier this year, we recognized some of our top performing Customer Service and Call Center employees. During Customer Service Week, we are highlighting them again so you can get to know our teams better.

These teams have answered more than 250,000+ calls and processed an average of 1,100 emails per day this year. Our call center interviewers complete 1.6M phone-based medical history interviews annually. They are the champions behind thousands of calls and emails every day.

Customer Service Group Champions

Client Solutions Group Representative of the Year: Martrise Campbell


Martrise has been with ExamOne for 9 years and finds excitement in uncovering solutions for clients, and tracking trends to improve performance while continually evolving her skills. She loves learning new things that help her excel in her Customer Service position. Her favorite quote is: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou

APS Representative of the Year: Samantha Thompson

If you don’t see a clear path, sometimes you have to make it yourself.” – Mindy Kaling

Samantha has put those words into play many times during her 2 1/2 years with ExamOne. Samantha says confidence and patience have also helped her be successful in her role. “I love talking to everyone and getting the chance to help fix things when I am able,” said Samantha. She always finds a path and a way to help our clients.

Case Manager of the Year: Jonna Vollmer

Attention to detail not only helps Jonna at work but with her hobby as a dog breeder and professional dog trainer. “I think good organization skills, attention to detail, and following up in a timely manner are so important professionally and personally,” said Jonna. During her 17 years at ExamOne, she has enjoyed helping others and working together with her team to get things done successfully. “I think every link in the chain is significant.”

Task Force Representative of the Year: Tracy Ingwerson

Tracy likes the saying, “Just be yourself.” As a self-described introvert, she’s being her best self when working behind the scenes, figuring out how things work together, and bringing it all together successfully before handing it over to the client. For 18 years, she has carefully and correctly used those traits to keep our customers impressed and satisfied.


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Call Center Champions

Call Center Support Staff of the Year: Kristy Paddy

Some of Kristy’s favorite things are fall festivals and the people she works with at our Call Center. She’s worked for ExamOne for 14 years and is admired and respected by her peers. “I try to be approachable and like to help people any way I can,” said Kristy. Kristy’s favorite quote is, “God gave you this life because He knew you were strong enough to live it.”

Medical Records Employee of the Year: Richard Henry

From working in the mail room to being named Medical Records Employee of the Year, Richard really knows the business and our people. For 14 years, he’s shown that his ability to multitask and his extensive experience are traits that have made him successful in his role. When not working he enjoys time with his dog. “Every evening, I have a routine with my Jack Russell Terrier who does his tricks– sit, stay, lay, roll over, jump, and then we dance.”

Call Center Leader of the Year: Les Lucia


“I make it my business to know where to find all our wonderful resources and share that with everyone,” says Les. This makes Les the “go-to” person for so many. She has worked for ExamOne for 9 years and is also known for collaborating across departments, working to improve processes, and being a huge music lover. “I listen to everything from Polka to Country, Jazz, Rock, and Rap. Music is a universal language, when all else fails, turn it up and dance!”

Call Center Teleinterviewer of the Year: Jennifer Birks

Jennifer has seen the business change and grow during her 26 years with ExamOne. And she really likes the current environment. “Being able to work independently and at home brings out my best,” said Jennifer. Her attention to detail and strong work ethic also brings out her best for our clients. You can hear Jennifer’s smile over the phone. Her love of the outdoors and past experience of being a Yoga and Pilates instructor keeps her smiling with a positive attitude.

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Thank you to our Customer Service and Call Center Champions. Their dedication to superior service to consumers, our clients, and colleagues helps us all succeed.