Examiners shine during ExamOne’s golden anniversary celebration

Every year in August, we take the time to recognize our examiners during Life Insurance Examiner Appreciation Week. This year, as we celebrate our 50th “golden” anniversary at ExamOne, we recognize that it is our people, like our examiners, who have made the difference all these years. They are GOLD to the company, our clients, and consumers. We appreciate them being Go-Getters, Outstanding, Loyal and Dedicated!

The feedback, stories, and shout outs from our examiners, their peers, clients, and consumers are true testaments to how our examiners shine. Help us recognize 50 of our vital examiners this year in honor of our milestone anniversary!


Not only are our examiners motivated and “go-getters”, but they are also literally “on the go” traveling to where needed to get exams done. They take their professionalism wherever they go providing the best service to clients and their applicants, members, or patients.

1. Suzanne Hadlock (pictured) had a complicated collection in a rural area of Utah with special handling and processing requirements for the specimens. After the exam, she drove 2 ½  hours to the nearest Quest PSC to ensure that the patient got the testing completed that his doctor required for his care.

2. “I am always willing to travel and go where is needed across the Southwest. My office can count on me to help. So far this year I’ve covered 50,000 miles to get exams completed”. – Examiner Kira Hahn, Catalina, AZ

3. Whitney Gamber, a new examiner in Spokane, WA, sees several re-occurring Health and Life Sciences patients and they enjoy having her come every month to do their draws. They appreciate her positivity during their interactions.

4. Dawn Mischke in Fargo, ND is a true professional. She made it all look easy. Her background on both sides of the medical world: as a former patient herself, and now as a nurse, gives her a unique perspective to relate to customers like me.” – Life insurance applicant

5. “Just last week I traveled 1,400 miles in 4 days to get 15 exams completed.” Examiner Jennifer Morton, Merkel, TX

6. Serrina Hunter is a long-standing Quest employee and now is completing insurance exams out in the field. She is regularly complimented on her flexibility with scheduling applicants – she does what she can to make process easy and convenient.

7. “I cover 8 counties in my area and enjoy traveling to other states to fill-in or work health fairs.”   Examiner Theresa Rock, Schuyler Falls, NY

8. Kathryn Eliason is a retired nurse, willing to travel and help out in rural locations in remote Utah. Kathy’s coverage in this area is helping us keep our service levels and turnaround times goals.

9. Greg Bass in Birmingham AL did a fantastic job! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to do an at home health examination – Life insurance applicant

10. “We are a team, and I want to be a good teammate by helping more clients with specialty testing collections and performing EKGs to cover all our clients’ needs.” Examiner Patricia Saltsman, Horse Cave, KY

11. Sandy Baca in Phoenix, AZ was very fast and went out of her way to help understand the process. She was very, very, very efficient and professional.” – Life insurance applicant


We regularly hear about or see our examiners outstanding performances. From our applicant satisfaction survey to peer-to-peer feedback, we have good examples of examiners providing superior customer service on a regular basis.

12. “Every client that I interacted with always receives my above and beyond care because applicant patient care is always my number one priority.” – Examiner Shaun Palms, Trenton, NJ

13. Kathleen (Kathy) Selvog (pictured) recently celebrated 2 years with our ExamOne Minnesota office. Her 20+ years in the medical field and her commitment to patient care and quality are present in everything she does. Kathy consistently works hard and is willingly ready to go the extra mile all the time.

14. Annamarrie Dicus, Nashville, TN examiner, was outstanding and very thorough. She was especially helpful when I explained my aversion to blood draws and accommodated my needs. I can’t thank you enough for sending her.” – Life insurance applicant

15. Alexander Le in Los Angeles, CA had a specimen collection for an older individual. The patient said it was one of the smoothest blood draws he has ever had in his 80+ years and asked for Alexander for his next appointment.

16. “My examiner was amazing! She was polite, courteous, and interacted super well with my kids who were running around. She was fast and very polite Thank you Zhuzhuna Kuchukyan in Portland, OR.” – Life insurance applicant

17. Tammie Allen has been instrumental in covering our rural communities in the state of Washington. She really understands the importance of “The Why” in what we do and provides superior service to carriers and applicants.

18. “I saved a pregnant lady from carbon monoxide. During a last-minute request to do an exam, I walked into a house smelling like gas and immediately recommended she leave and get to safety. She couldn’t stop thanking me.” – Examiner Pamela Lee Carter, Dewey, AZ

19. Maria Ochoa in Boise, ID was fantastic. She was on time and extremely courteous. She explained everything along the way and made me feel very comfortable. She did an outstanding job.” – Life insurance applicant 

20. “I did a blood draw on a person who ran a dog rescue for retired greyhounds. Being an avid dog lover too, I made a gift basket for her organization. They wrote the nicest thank you note and sent pictures of the dog enjoying his new toys with his new owners. It’s great to meet people and pets while working” –Examiner Kate Johnson, Littleton, CO

21. “Gina Valio in St. Louis, MO was very cordial and conversational. She made sure I was comfortable with the process. She was friendly and professional.” – Life insurance applicant

22. Examiner Camille Patronas in Las Vegas, NV had a client with a fear of needles who passed out on her. She acted accordingly to help the applicant and even called to check on them later. The applicant was very touched by her thoughtfulness.

23. “Kelani Antoque in Honolulu, HI was very professional and friendly. She guided me through the exam process and answered any questions I had. She made the exam process easy and I would recommend her to everyone.” – Life insurance applicant


In a recent survey of more than 2,000 examiners, the average length of working in the industry was 15 years. However, with the influx of new hires, there are a lot of examiners who are still early in their careers too. From working with us just for a few months to some surpassing our 50th anniversary, our examiners are loyal and committed to helping others – clients and consumers.

24. “I started doing exams 35 year with the office in St.Joseph, MO. And I have been an RN for 45 years.” – Examiner Stanley M. Gibson

25. “I enjoy my job and I have tried to perform as best as I can for the last 28 years.” – Examiner Carolina Castillo, Garland, TX

26. Since 1968 – Examiner Lowell Brehmer, Casper, WY

27. Some of our 35+ years examiners – Pat Veinot, Beverly, MA; Beth Barham, Harrison, OH; Saeed Farahmandpour, Roslyn, NY; Dawn De Souza, Oceanside, CA; Gail Lynee Parisi, Lake Grove, NY; Linda Wilkerson, Holliday, MO

28. “I remember completed my first paramedical exam in Greensboro, NC in 1978, so that would be 44 years.” – Examiner Gregory Barnes, Hoover, AL

29. Tara Wroblewski (pictured) in Minnesota will celebrate 13 years with ExamOne this year. While she took a year hiatus a couple years ago, she found in that short time that her heart stayed in patient care and she missed ExamOne and the clients!  Tara’s team is so happy she’s back giving it her best every day.

30. “From over 21 years of going to 30-40 homes per week, I have seen it all. I just adjust my personality to any situation.” –  Examiner Katherine Cody, Dallas, GA

31. “I’ve been doing exams for 8 years. But have been a phlebotomist and medical assistant 30+ years.” – Examiner Sandra Anaya, Yuma, AZ

32. “As a mobile examiner for 25 years, I take pride in what I do. Thank you ExamOne for being part Quest Diagnostics, a company that I am proud to say I work for.” – Examiner Christy Hren, Naples, ID

33. Since 1976 – Examiner Anna Lyons, Smyrna, DE

34. “I started with ExamOne right after I graduated school in 2004. I had a great mentor who help make me what I am today. I appreciate the chance I was given and never take it for granted.” – Examiner Amy Brannon, Cutler Bay, FL

35. “From my 39 years of experiences, I can say it’s not a 9-5 job. But I enjoy the traveling and people.” – Examiner Wanda Peoples, Henderson, NC

36. “I currently have the best supervisors I have ever had in my 7-8 years as a phlebotomist. They support you and make you a better examiner. I’ve learned so much in my 3 months of being a mobile phlebotomist for ExamOne.”  – Examiner Holly Masoe, Spanaway, WA

37. Lisa Pfannsmith has been with our ExamOne North Dakota office for over a decade and in the industry for over 20 years. We consistently receive positive surveys and feedback from Lisa’s clients. It is a testament to the positive impact she makes on people each day. 


Weather, pets, and unusual locations are just a few of the things examiners deal with on a regular basis. Thankfully our examiners are dedicated to getting the job done and no obstacle is getting in their way!

38. “Due to an applicant’s blood pressure being extremely high and he was out of his medicine. I helped him find a doctor that would see him immediately.” – Examiner Teresa Thompson, Fayetteville, NC

39. Theresa in McKeown Voorhees, NJ was absolutely wonderful! She was kind and courteous, and the blood draw was legitimately the best blood draw experience I’ve ever had in my life. If I could have her for every blood draw, I would.” – Life insurance applicant 

40. Teri Shipp (pictured) in Montana was bitten by a dog while completing an insurance exam. Like the professional she is, she completed the remainder of the exam, then got herself taken care of. But she was so worried about the situation, that she followed up with the applicant to make sure the dog and applicant were both okay.

41. JudyDee Smith in Phoenix, AZ was professional, caring, and focused on the experience being done properly. Great person in the right role, positioned your business at the elite level.” – Life insurance applicant 

42. “I taught myself how to speak Spanish well enough to complete an exam. And now I am working on learning more languages to reach more diverse applicant.” – Examiner Shaquirah Jacques, Raleigh, NC

43. “I have shoveled so many walkways in my years. I have learned to bring my own shovel.” – Examiner Katherine Lawler, Blackstone, MA

44. “I would like to compliment Galina Bilyavskaya in Fairport, NY on her professionalism. She was excellent at explaining things, at taking blood samples painlessly, and at putting me at ease through the exam. I truly appreciated Galina’s manner.” – Life insurance applicant

45. Performing exams in unusual places is normal in Beverly Hills, CA for Erik Zuckerbraun. He has seen patients on a massive cargo/container ship, in the back of a pickup, performed an EKG on a picnic bench, and even at a few celebrities’ homes.

46. “My examiner, Jeanette Blakney in Portland, OR,  was highly professional and extremely courteous. She explained what she was doing and why during the exam. She was pleasant and put me at ease. I liked her very much.” – Life insurance applicant

47. “Our examiner, Julica Burroughs in Jacksonville, FL, was absolutely amazing! She was very friendly and made me very comfortable with the process. Hands down, she was awesome.” – Life insurance applicant

48. Mary Rood in North Dakota is a long-term examiner who has been with ExamOne in some capacity for over 20 years. Whether out in the field doing exams, popping into our office to help with coverage, or out on the road tending to our drug and alcohol screening business, she does it all with a can-do attitude and a smile. 

49. “Once I went out during a big storm and the temperature was only -35 degrees to do an exam on a teacher. It was the only time she had available because school was cancelled due to bad weather.” – Examiner Joyce Stieber, Wausau, WI

50. “I have held a patient’s hand and sang ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ before blood draw because client was nervous.” – Examiner Renee A Galvan, El Centro, CA

We hoped you enjoyed seeing how some our examiners shine during our golden 50th anniversary year. Our entire organization owes them not only this week of appreciation but constant gratitude for the work they do. Our Examiners truly are GOLD!

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