Our affiliate exam offices RISE U.P. as our Unified Partners

Complementing ExamOne’s national network of corporate exam sites is a strong network of affiliate partner sites. These offices expand ExamOne’s services into more geographical areas and provide more solutions to a variety of different markets.

Recently, some of our affiliate partners and corporate operation managers came together to participate in a workshop to strategize and collaborate on how to strengthen our partnerships and continue to grow ExamOne.

“The combination of our corporate sites and affiliate partners strengthens our national network of examiners. We can provide unparalleled coverage and options to our life insurance clients and also reach more individuals and patients for our Health and Life Sciences, Health Plans, Clinical Mobile Phlebotomy clients, and everyday consumers who want the convenience of an at-home visit,” said Gaurav Malik, ExamOne’s Senior Vice President of Operations.

During the workshop, ExamOne President Subu Ramachandran conveyed his appreciation of the important role the affiliates play for ExamOne. “The dedication and hard work demonstrated by our affiliates, with our internal operation teams, has set us up for success with our core insurance clients but to also diversify into other industries that need our national footprint of professionals.”

“The partnership between ExamOne and affiliates, like me, is vital for our growth – together. We know ExamOne is committed to our success. And we are committed to the important role we play in reaching more individuals who need our services,” said affiliate owner from Illinois Steve Sintetas.

Our corporate and affiliate offices are always looking for more mobile examiners. To view a list of our current openings and full job descriptions, please visit the Quest Diagnostics career page and type in “rep mobile examiner” in the keyword field.