Oral healthcare data powers four new indicators for life insurance underwriting

Dental data drives powerful indicators for Alzheimer’s/dementia, periodontal disease, sleep apnea, and COVID-19


Sikka Insights, a subsidiary of the Silicon Valley-based Sikka Software Corporation, releases its four newest oral healthcare indicators for life insurance underwriting through its collaboration with ExamOne:

  • Alzheimers/dementia Indicator
  • COVID-19 indicator
  • Sleep apnea indicator
  • Periodontal disease indicator

Similar to currently available oral healthcare indicators which include the tobacco indicator, diabetes indicator, cardiovascular indicator, cancer indicator, marijuana indicator, blood disorder indicator, liver indicator, kidney indicator, hypertension indicator, and the hyperlipidemia indicator; the new indicators are targeted to be available through ExamOne’s HealthPiQture™ platform later this year.

The new Sikka Periodontal Disease Indicator has the ability to detect the severity of the disease, with a low, medium, and high severity indicator. Now 14 different oral healthcare indicators provide unique insights for life insurance underwriting, with several carriers using the data in production and for post-issue analysis.

A recent ExamOne study, conducted by Director of Analytics Brian Lanzreth, of oral healthcare data in production demonstrated the effectiveness of oral healthcare indicators for life insurance underwriting. We analyzed the tobacco, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension indicators against clinical lab (LabPiQture ™) and prescription drug history (ScriptCheck®) to determine the efficacy and accuracy of the indicators in production. The study found:

  1. They are adding predictive power
  2. The predictive power they’re adding provides significant supplementary value to traditional life underwriting data sources
  3. The confirmation rates for oral healthcare indicators relative to the clinical lab and prescription history results indicate a strong statistical association between the two, confirming their accuracy
  4. The analysis found oral healthcare indicators nearly doubled the number of tobacco users they could identify relative to traditional life underwriting data sources
  5. The diabetes indicator was 4X more likely to detect the condition relative to traditional life underwriting data sources

View the full ExamOne study of oral healthcare data here.

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