8 out of 10September kicks off Life Insurance Awareness Month, an event that’s more important than ever, especially considering there are more than 95 million Americans who do not have life insurance coverage at all[1]. The goal of the event is to educate Americans about the need for coverage and correct many misconceptions the public believes about life insurance policies. ExamOne is a proud supporter and partner of this initiative that is organized by Life Happens, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to “inspire the public to take personal financial responsibility through the ownership of life insurance and related products.”

ExamOne is committed to making the life insurance application process as easy and simple as possible. Our dedicated applicant website explains the paramedical process in detail, and answers many questions an applicant may have. Through Inside Look, applicants have access to their own laboratory results from their paramedical exam and can become more aware of their health, such as recognizing high cholesterol or blood sugar levels.

“ExamOne has always been committed to assisting applicants with every step of the life insurance application process,” said ExamOne President Troy Hartman. “Life Insurance Awareness Month is a meaningful event because the core purpose is to help protect more families. We’re always happy to partner with Life Happens to raise awareness about the importance of life insurance coverage.”

Visit ExamOne’s page dedicated to Life Insurance Awareness Month or the Life Happens website to learn more about the importance of family and financial protection through life insurance.

[1] 2015 Insurance Barometer Study by LIFE Happens and LIMRA

Feel Confident in Your Underwriting Decisions

by Willie Valdes on August 24, 2015

QuestCheck 082415With our exclusive access to clinical laboratory results from Quest Diagnostics, underwriters now have faster access to specific health information from applicants. If applicant consent* is obtained, underwriters are provided with instant protective value through the historical health database by receiving information that would traditionally be found in the APS.

Additionally, by checking the clinical laboratory history of an applicant, underwriters can build a more complete health profile. QuestCheck® provides underwriters access to three years of clinical information – providing laboratory history, physician diagnosis information and physician related information to underwriters.  This allows underwriters to do their job faster and more efficiently.

Several insurance clients have expressed their interest with QuestCheck during meetings at our Lenexa laboratory. Through a recent QuestCheck pilot, two approaches were studied. The first approach reviewed cases where a policy had not been issued by the insurance carrier. The second approach evaluated those cases where the underwriting decision had been made and a policy was issued.

When QuestCheck was ordered as part of the underwriting process, the report revealed conditions not disclosed by the applicant during the telephone interview. Due to the uncovering of these conditions, the insurance carrier rescinded their policies issued to applicants.  Below are a few policies that highlight the findings of QuestCheck.

Case #1: Applicant answered no to all questions on application for non-medical policy, including the kidney/renal question.
Findings: QuestCheck revealed severe Chronic Kidney Disease/IgA nephropathy that pre-dates the application.

Case # 2: Applicant answered no to all questions on application for non-medical policy, including the liver disease/hepatitis question.
Findings: QuestCheck revealed a positive Hepatitis C test three months before application.

Case #3: Applicant answered no to all health questions, including cardiovascular/heart question.
Findings: QuestCheck revealed renal insufficiency and anemia.  APS confirmed severe cardiomyopathy, pulmonary hypertension and mitral stenosis (in addition to renal insufficiency and anemia)

During the review of post-issued policies, QuestCheck revealed conditions that were not disclosed during the interview. Had QuestCheck been ran during the underwriting review, certain conditions would have been discovered and the insurance carrier would not have issued almost $700K in policy contracts.

58 year old: QuestCheck revealed tumor markers ordered by oncologist 1 day before application.

49 year old: Quest check revealed positive Hepatitis B testing ordered by an oncologist prior to application.

31 year old: QuestCheck revealed severe renal insufficiency (Serum Creat >9.0) and anemia prior to application date.

65 year old: QuestCheck revealed uncontrolled diabetes, chronic microalbuminuria, and chol/hdl ratios of >9.0 prior to application date.

58 year old: QuestCheck revealed elevated CEA three days before the application.

Clients utilizing QuestCheck have seen the benefits of this service and believe it has helped them during their underwriting process. One client stated, “QuestCheck provides an important piece of the underwriting puzzle and helps ensure the correct decision is made.” Another client explained, “QuestCheck helps save money by decreasing operational and requirements costs.”

As a leader in the insurance industry, we are committed to helping our clients obtain the best and most accurate data, to aide in precision underwriting. To find out more about QuestCheck or to conduct a pilot on your cases, please contact your Strategic Accounts Executive.

*Applicant must provide consent for carrier and ExamOne to run QuestCheck.

Laboratory 101: Trends in Laboratory Testing

August 11, 2015 Webinars

Trends in Laboratory Testing  From marijuana’s impact on mortality to utilizing A1c testing to identify applicants at risk for diabetes, Betsy will review how recent laboratory testing changes affect the underwriting process. This webcast will also address common myths surrounding applicant preparation and include plenty of question and answer time – giving you a chance […]

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In 2015, I’m Committed To: Finding Solutions That Help Simplify The Life Insurance Process

August 7, 2015 #Committed2 You

Our Vice President of Strategic Solutions, John Reynolds is committed to developing and refining best-in-class solutions for our clients and their applicants. Developing consumer-centric products such as Inside Look Online® has been a game changer for our industry. To date, more than 800,000 applicants have viewed their results online. That is a significant number of individuals […]

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Our Employees Are Commitment Champions

July 30, 2015 #Committed2 You

As you’ve seen in our advertising and on social media, we launched a “Committed” campaign this year. We wanted a theme to encompass three promises: our promise to be a leader in the life insurance industry; to help families protect their loved ones; and to be the best employer to our employees. We extended this […]

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Ask The Experts: Fasting and Specimen Transport

July 27, 2015 Ask The Experts

If an applicant does not fast before an exam, how will this impact their laboratory results? The only two results that will be impacted are triglycerides and glucose. Within three hours glucose should be normal; within eight hours triglycerides should be normal. What is the effect of a delayed specimen transport (from the time the […]

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New Online Ordering Site Saves You Time

July 20, 2015 Producers

The ExamOne ordering site has been updated from a portal designed for limited use to a more robust online ordering system. The previous portal interface was phased out last week and everyone has transitioned to Portal.ExamOne.com to order their paramedical, APS and Interview/Inspection orders. Since the roll out of original site in early 2014, more […]

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Series: Committed to Quality – Laboratory Accuracy

July 15, 2015 #Committed2 You

ExamOne’s laboratories test more than 15,000 life insurance specimens every day, and, as a result, manage requirements for more than $844 billion in life insurance every year. We take that responsibility seriously and relentlessly use Six Sigma practices to ensure we are providing virtual perfection in our laboratory. We know that errors and inaccurate results […]

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Series: Committed to Quality

July 10, 2015 #Committed2 You

At ExamOne, quality is more than a goal – it’s a commitment. Our quality initiatives can be seen in every piece of our business and we take pride in our data integrity. Your applicants deserve the best service and you deserve the best data, and both are achieved through consistently high quality. As we work […]

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In 2015, I’m Committed To: Laboratory Excellence

July 6, 2015 #Committed2 You

Dawn Forst serves as the Director of Laboratory Operations for ExamOne and oversees laboratory operations for the Midwest region. Dawn and her team play a vital role in the critical testing ExamOne performs to help applicants obtain the protection of life insurance. “Each day, our laboratory processes thousands of specimen samples and we perform thousands […]

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