Author: Brian Lanzrath


The slowly-resolving ambiguities of marijuana-linked mortality risk

April 18, 2019 By

ExamOne study on marijuana mortality risk found that male THC users are at higher risk than females. Here's what life insurers should know about marijuana.


Providing insurers robust data to evaluate mortality risk

March 6, 2019 By

Recent studies show an applicant’s clinical laboratory history is nearly twice as effective as prescription history in identifying the highest levels of mortality risk.


Illicit drug use in the US is at the highest rate in a decade

June 26, 2017 By


The path to opportunity: leveraging data and using it for more precise underwriting

October 5, 2016 By


Three things to consider when evaluating your underwriting requirements

July 8, 2016 By


After more than a decade of decline, Center for Disease Control finds heart failure-related deaths increasing in the U.S.

March 15, 2016 By


Microalbuminuria – So What’s a Little Urine Protein?

October 30, 2013 By


Is Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes Increasing the Mortality Risk of your Population?

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NT-proBNP test growing in popularity as screening tool

October 14, 2013 By


Baby Boomers: Encouraged to be tested for Hepatitis C

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