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The new year is a wonderful time to consider life insurance coverage

December 28, 2023 By

The new year is a wonderful time to consider how life insurance coverage can help ensure your family’s long-term financial security.


Reaching more consumers through texting – Teleinterview texting program

April 30, 2023 By

To better reach these life insurance consumers, ExamOne offers a texting solution for our telephone underwriting workflow. This will free up our interviewer’s time to focus on what they do best: obtaining health history from applicants.


Professional staff, convenience, and ease of scheduling help consumers be more satisfied with the life insurance exam experience

February 28, 2023 By

Monitoring life insurance applicants’ satisfaction survey results and consumer input helps reveal areas that impact consumers’ opinions the most. With more than 23,000 responses to our consumer satisfaction survey last year, find out what trends stood out.


Convenience, friendly service, and speed help drive consumer satisfaction

July 10, 2022 By

At ExamOne we monitor customer experience drivers with our life insurance applicant satisfaction survey. Analyzing and sharing these results allow us to improve our processes and be more transparent with our clients about our performance.


Identifying and managing high cholesterol reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke

January 5, 2022 By

High cholesterol is an ideal target for preventing heart disease and stroke because it can be managed through therapeutic lifestyle changes. But many people don’t know that they might be at risk.


5 things to remember during Diabetes Awareness Month

November 18, 2021 By

Diabetes is national health epidemic, but one that can be prevented through identification of prediabetes and adoption of healthy lifestyle changes. Learn more during National Diabetes Awareness Month.


Life Insurance Awareness Month: Helping consumers be proactive about their health

September 24, 2021 By

Today, even more consumers are taking the initiative to learn more about their health. Recently, our online laboratory results, Inside Look, participation rates have tripled, and ExamOne has delivered reports to over 370,000 life insurance applicants this year.


7 ways to help promote life insurance awareness

September 14, 2021 By

For life insurance agents and consumers: Use these resources to help promote the essential message of protecting loved ones with life insurance.


How would you rate your overall satisfaction with ExamOne?

July 30, 2021 By

Consumer feedback helps us ensure customer satisfaction. It's our priority for applicants to be happy with the exam process and any other interactions they experience with ExamOne during the life insurance application journey.


Providing the access and data men need to lead healthier lives post pandemic

June 30, 2021 By

ExamOne works with organizations to actively support men’s health with online laboratory results for life insurance applicants or mobile phlebotomy services for wellness programs.