Life Insurance Awareness Month: Helping consumers be proactive about their health

Life Insurance Awareness Month shines a light on the importance of life insurance and educates consumers on the long-term protection and benefit it provides to families. As your partner in providing solutions for the underwriting process, we support this educational initiative and appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your clients.

Empowering better health

We believe when you provide applicants with vital health information, they stay engaged and are more likely to complete the process of obtaining life insurance to provide financial security and protection for their family.

One of the additional no-cost benefits for consumers applying for life insurance is getting a copy of their laboratory results. This secure, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand Inside Look® report from ExamOne helps applicants become more aware of their health and could help them adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Delivering a record number of laboratory reports to life insurance consumers

Today, even more consumers are taking the initiative to learn more about their health. With recent updates to our Inside Look program, consumers can opt-in to receive their laboratory results by text message. Since this rollout, Inside Look participation rates have tripled, and ExamOne has delivered reports to over 370,000 life insurance applicants this year.

To access their results by text, consumers provide their mobile phone number to the examiner during the exam. Once the results are ready, the consumer receives a text notification with instructions to view their results. The results are available for one year.

See what applicants are saying about access to their online laboratory results

As part of Life Insurance Awareness Month, we join you in reminding everyone of the need to include life insurance as part of their financial plan. Inside Look gives you the opportunity to strengthen relations with your client and provide a value-added benefit to policyholders. Laboratory results provide your applicants with another important choice — to learn more about their health.

Want to learn more about our online lab results and texting initiatives? Contact us or reach out to your ExamOne representative.