Providing the access and data men need to lead healthier lives post pandemic

Now more than ever, it is especially important to promote every opportunity for proactive steps that support men’s health and well-being.   

More than 40 percent of adults in the United States avoided medical care during the pandemic because of concerns about COVID-19, including routine care and preventive screenings.

Researchers at Quest Diagnostics have reported on deferred care related to COVID-19 that includes reduced hemoglobin A1c diabetes monitoring, which may impair diabetes management, and patterns of delayed cancer diagnosis, which “will likely lead to presentation of cancer at more advanced stages and poorer clinical outcomes” coming out of the pandemic.

The full effects of these disruptions are yet to be seen, but even under normal circumstances men are less likely to use preventive health services — often delaying routine check-ups, blood pressure and cholesterol screenings, and underutilizing clinically appropriate health services.

Our clients have unique opportunities to engage men outside of traditional care settings and proactively identify health risks to help close the gaps created by the pandemic.

Discovery process during life insurance application provides unique opportunity to actively support health

While the pandemic may have driven a decline in preventive care, it has heightened interest in life insurance.

Industry data show that life insurance applications grew by 4 percent in 2020, the biggest full-year increase in the last decade. This growth trend has continued into 2021, with applications up overall by 10.1 percent for the first quarter.

The laboratory results from an applicant’s life insurance application provide a unique opportunity for individuals to learn more about their health and ExamOne is committed to empowering applicants with the data they need to lead healthier lives.

Inside Look® is a secure and comprehensive online reporting tool makes it easy for applicants to view and understand their laboratory test results. This interactive platform helps increase overall health awareness and identify potential areas of concern.

InsideWellness™ is a personalized laboratory test report that highlights key areas of focus for life insurance applicants and provides suggestions on what individuals can do to improve these scores. This full wellness report includes guidance on a healthy diet, exercise recommendations, and preventative screening recommendations based on the applicant’s age and gender.

Wellness programs provide the measures to understand health risks and make positive change

Wellness programs that incorporate biometric measurements and laboratory testing help participants gain insights into their health and risks that may have been previously undiscovered. To help improve individual’s health and reduce healthcare spending, wellness screenings help facilitate early identification through biometric screenings. By identifying risk factors for chronic conditions, like heart disease or diabetes early on, organizations can help individuals get the right care at the right time.

For example, the American Diabetes Association says there are more than 7 million Americans who are undiagnosed diabetics. And men have a higher incidence of prediabetes and undiagnosed diabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Elevated A1c levels revealed from laboratory testing could alert an individual to visit their physician to determine if more targeted care is needed.

ExamOne’s national mobile phlebotomy network can complete individual specimen collections, other data collection, and flexible solutions to support wellness programs’ goals.  A robust and professional network can staff events with mobile phlebotomists across the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Canada.

Contact ExamOne to learn more about how we can work with your organization to actively support men’s health with online laboratory results for life insurance applicants or mobile phlebotomy services for wellness programs.