Memories and milestones – celebrating our employees’ years of service

Each year we take the time to thank our Years of Service Milestone Anniversary employees for their dedication and ongoing contributions that make a difference for our company and for each other. Together, we are building memories and our future. ExamOne is proud to recognize the following employees this year:

15 Years
Aaron Sparling

Alan Barry

Amy Bryant

Andrew Johnson

Antoinette Mason

Axel Velazquez

Betty Kaskie

Catherine Mzae

Cheryl Berg

Cheryl Hughes

Cynthia Scott

Eduardo Tosco

Heather Powell

Joann Jones

Jonathon Doss

Julia Knight

Julie Coull

Julie Lewis

Kara Helland

Kerri Kruger

Kimberly Sohosky

Laura Calvin

Linda Brustad

Lisa Crawford

Mary Tate

Matthew Bartkowiak

Norma Guenther

Pavlova Nunez

Rae Campbell

Rhiannon Carlill

Romana Simms

Sharon Renwick

Susan Kirby

Terea Ambler

Victoria Krumm

20 Years
Allison Poindexter

Arman Dungo

Brian Brungardt

Caryn Buss

Daryl Gillette

Deanna Havard

Donald Hess

Donna Patroske

Elizabeth Melo

Hazel Andersen

Janice Jack

Jeffrey Jaimes

Joseph Grant

Karen Sullivan

Kim Coley

Layla Byrd

Marci Hall

Michella Simecka

Michelle Briggs

Susan Blair

Tammy Titus

Teresa Rezac

Terra Pickett

Therese Sullivan

Tiffany Taylor

Valeri Andreen

25 Years
Adriana Torres

Bonnie Chau

Chandra Sharlean

David Shivley

Debra Huskey

James Fraser

Jennifer Birks

Melody Bruch

Theresa Critchlow

30 Year
Chris Mason

Thien Pham

35 Years
Betsy Sears

Michelle Shippert

Patsy Bruns