Project Gratitude: I appreciate the health incentives of life insurance for myself and our clients

by Andrew Patch on November 30, 2018

Phil Williamson, Vice President of National Sales, knows that life insurance keeps his family protected. With a wife, a young child, and another baby on the way, he has peace of mind knowing that his family is safe. In addition to his policy, he’s taking advantage of the health and wellness incentives offered by his life insurance company. Now the insurance company is building a partnership with him for life.

As part of a bigger healthcare company, Quest Diagnostics, it’s important for ExamOne to help our clients place an emphasis on the health of their applicants. There are opportunities for insurers to connect with policyholders to help them adopt healthier lifestyles. While life insurance may be a one-time purchase, it shouldn’t mean just a one-time interaction. Find out how life insurance can help encourage applicants to manage all their risks – both financial and health-related.

Phil personally knows the benefits of living healthy and wants to help more clients provide that additional peace of mind to their applicants.

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