Don’t let reality catch you unprepared

Giddy up y’all! The ExamOne team is headed to Dallas, Texas for our annual National Sales Meeting. Aside from this being a fun three-day meeting and a time for us to see our friends from across the nation, it is also a time to motivate our team and to remind them of the essential role they play in the life insurance industry. We take pride in reminding the applicant what life insurance can do for them and their loved ones. In 2012, only three in ten Americans owned life insurance . What happens to the other 7 people when the unforeseen happens and they did not have life insurance? Their families may have had to downsize their home, get a second job or give up their social life. However, that does not have to happen. We need to keep the applicant a priority and educate them every chance we get of the importance of life insurance. We put the applicant first because when the applicants are happy the whole industry benefits.

Every year we invite guest speakers to our meeting. This year we will be welcoming two guest speakers from the Life Foundation. Brittney LaCombe, the 2012 Grand Prize winner and recipient of a $10,000 scholarship, and Miles Tabibian, another 2012 winner of a LIFE Foundation scholarship, will share their story of how their lives were affected because their parents did not have life insurance. Each of these individuals lost a parent(s) at a young age, forcing them to become an adult overnight. Both were faced with the reality there was no life insurance available for them and they had to take care of unfinished business on their own. They worked hard to help raise their siblings while continuing college to provide an education for themselves. Each of their stories will tug on the heartstrings. This is real-life. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. (Watch Brittney’s story here.)

So what can you do to help? In December, we published a blog, Give the gift of life insurance. Share this with your applicants. There are misconceptions of life insurance being expensive, when really it can be very affordable. This month, help them think about what they need to do to ensure every one they care about will be taken care. Valentine’s Day is another great opportunity to protect the ones you love. Join the Life Foundation in the “Insure your Love” campaign.