Ask the Expert: Find out how ScheduleNow makes booking exam appointments easier

Q. How does ScheduleNow work?

A. ScheduleNow allows users to make an exam appointment at an ExamOne office, Quest Diagnostic exam center, or with a mobile examiner. The user selects the desired date and time for the applicant’s appointment. Once the order is submitted, ScheduleNow reserves the appointment time slot. Applicants can also use ScheduleNow to schedule their own exams.

ScheduleNow makes booking appointments easier for you and your applicants

  • Say goodbye to phone tag. With just a few clicks, ScheduleNow allows clients and applicants to make an appointment at an ExamOne office, Quest Diagnostics patient service center (PSC), or with a mobile examiner.
  • Don’t see a time that works? Clients and applicants can submit a suggested appointment timeframe, and our team will contact the applicant directly to schedule.
  • Need to change the appointment? You can access ScheduleNow at any time to reschedule or cancel the appointment.

Q. How does applicant self-scheduling via ScheduleNow work?

A. When an applicant’s email address and/or mobile phone number are provided on an unscheduled order and there is availability on our ScheduleNow calendar, the applicant will receive a self-scheduling email and/or text message. A link provided in the email/text will take them to the ScheduleNow interface to schedule their own appointment. An applicant can access the ScheduleNow link in the email and/or text message at any time to reschedule or cancel their appointment.

Q. How long after the order is placed will the applicant receive a notification to self-schedule?

A. The applicant will receive the self-scheduling email and/or text message within minutes of the unscheduled order being placed.

Q. Is ScheduleNow available nationally?

A. Yes, 100% of the ExamOne offices in the United States participate in the ScheduleNow program.

Q. How often are appointment calendars updated?

A. The ScheduleNow appointment calendars are updated based upon examiner or exam center availability, zip code population and geographical location. All updates are done in real-time and are immediately available for ScheduleNow users.

Q. How is the ScheduleNow appointment confirmed?

A. Upon selecting an applicable calendar date and submitting the order, the appointment is confirmed. If rescheduling is required, the exam office or examiner will contact the applicant prior to the appointment time.

Q. When is the earliest a user/applicant can schedule an appointment using ScheduleNow?

A. The default timeframe is 72 hours out, but this is configurable at the account level.

Q. How can I schedule two applicants together?

A. Applicants can be scheduled together, but the applicant will need to call the local office. The local office number will be available on ScheduleNow. The orders for each applicant must be linked together in the Portal before using ScheduleNow to schedule two exams in one sitting at an ExamOne location, third-party party site or mobile. Spouses (linked orders) cannot be seen at Quest Patient Service Centers for the same appointment time. They have to be scheduled separately.

Q. How will I know if my applicant can be scheduled at one of your Quest Patient Service Centers (PSC)?

A. PSC appointment availability is based on carrier participation and exam order requirements. When the order is eligible for the PSC location option, the ExamOne Office option will appear on ScheduleNow. Selecting the ExamOne Office option allows the user to make an appointment at a Quest PSC or at an ExamOne office near the applicant’s home or work address.

Q. Are there times when there is no appointment available?

A. Yes, there may be times when an appointment time is not displayed on the ScheduleNow calendar or the appointment times do not match the applicant’s availability. In this case, the user can use the Don’t see the date and time you want? option on the ScheduleNow tool to select a date and time frame and ExamOne will contact the applicant directly to schedule. (see question above)

Q. What happens if the applicant is no longer available for the appointment?

A. A user clicks the ScheduleNow button in the Portal to reschedule or cancel an order. An applicant can access the ScheduleNow link in the email to reschedule or cancel an order.

Q. How can I change the appointment after the appointment is scheduled?

A. A user clicks the ScheduleNow button in the Portal to reschedule or cancel an order.

Q. How close to an appointment can user/applicant cancel their appointment?

A. If a user attempts to cancel an appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled date and time, a pop-up screen appears asking them to place a courtesy call to the office. The local office’s phone number is provided in the pop-up window.

Q. What if the applicant would like to be scheduled at another location? For example, work/business, relative’s home, and the address listed is only for their home location?

A. The user will need to update or add a new address to the order in the Portal and then re-access ScheduleNow to set the appointment.

Q. Are exams scheduled on the weekends, or just Monday-Friday only?

A. Yes, 7 days a week of coverage.