Recognizing our employees’ commitments

At ExamOne, we’re preparing to celebrate Commitment Week March 7-11. To kick it off, we are proud to highlight some of our employees who have gone above and beyond with their commitment to our clients, applicants, peers and industry.

Our 2015 ExamOne National Customer Service Representative of the Year is Cheryl Berg. Cheryl was recently recognized at ExamOne’s annual convention for her commitment to ExamOne. According to Cheryl’s Branch Manager, Erik Gonzales, Cheryl “exemplifies the meaning of service with a smile. Whether she is calling an applicant to schedule their exam, taking an order from an agent, contacting home office, speaking to an examiner, or completing an in-office exam, she always makes every effort to leave the person smiling and feeling happy.”

Kim Sohosky_smallThe 2015 ExamOne Midwest Region Employee of the Year was recently awarded to Kim Sohosky. Kim was nominated for her proactive approach in expanding her role to service one of ExamOne’s largest clients. When the Solutions Center team staffing was down three of six team members, Kim began to train new team members and took it upon herself to handle additional tasks in the meantime. Congratulations to Kim for being recognized for her extra efforts and positive attitude.

We also regularly recognize other front-line employees regularly, like our Nurse Practitioner of the Month. ExamOne recently launched a new recognition program for our nurse practitioners who complete in-home health assessments for our health insurance clients and their members. Each month, we will highlight a nurse practitioner who has gone above and beyond.

Kristian Reutlinger is the February ExamOne Nurse Practitioner of the Month. Kristian’s quick responsiveness and persistence with a member being screened through ExamOne’s MediCheck program calmed a critical situation. After recognizing a hypertensive crisis, Kristian called 911 and stayed while the member was assessed by EMTs. Kristian helped the member contact the primary care physician, resulting in admittance to the Emergency Room. We applaud Kristian’s actions and decision to stay and ensure this member received the necessary immediate care.