Protect your family: There is nothing more valuable than your health

Protecting your family and loved ones are very important responsibilities. However, you can’t protect them if you are not healthy yourself. Early in the year, “health” goals are especially popular. Health and laboratory screenings are a couple of ways one can better understand his or her health status — and getting them may be easier than you think.

Be proactive
Make sure you are getting proper preventive care, like health screenings and check-ups that are recommended for your gender and age. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides a checklist at Many employers and health plans also offer health screenings for their employees and members. Take advantage of these opportunities and other resources that may be available.

Know your current status

If you have applied for life insurance, most policies provide you with laboratory results from your application process, and you can share with your physician. With more than 70% of medical decisions based on laboratory testing,* these results are valuable insights into your health. More than 1.4 million applicants have accessed this information through Inside Look® as an additional benefit from a life insurance exam. Last year, the report was also enhanced to include Spanish and French versions. Our patented ocular view makes it easy for applicants to view and understand their laboratory test results — see our online laboratory results demo.

“I am a physician and I think this process and online access is fantastic and I’d love to have my employer begin using it for giving our patient’s results. I cannot think of any way to improve it.”

Screenings are a way to keep track of your health any time of the year. The awareness of your own health status lets you have peace of mind so you can protect your family with essentials like life insurance coverage. Find more ways to protect your family at

*Quest Diagnostics