Celebrating our long-term employees’ commitment to ExamOne

Each summer, Quest Diagnostics and ExamOne have a designated day to recognize employees celebrating milestone service anniversaries. At ExamOne, we have 125 employees who have been with us for 20 or more years, and 13 of those are celebrating milestones this year—20, 25, 30 or 35 years.

These individuals have not only shown long-term dedication, but they have also helped shape the company we are today. They have all contributed to our company’s proud history. We asked several of these employees to share some of the reasons why they have made ExamOne their work “home” for so many years.

“’I have been given many opportunities by working here and have continually been challenged. It’s never boring! There are many good people working here who have become good friends. I appreciate that the company holds quality work as the highest accomplishment, because I feel the same way.” – Bonnie Riojas

“You spend just as much time at work as you do at home, so I’m thankful that I have made so many wonderful friendships over the years. These connections make the years go by very quickly!”  – Carla Moon

“I love my job because every call is different because of the person on the other end. Some of the clients who call regularly have become long-distance friends.” – Jeanne Peacock

“When I started with LabOne it was a good experience. Then when we were purchased by Quest Diagnostics it just got even better.” – Robin DiFilippo

At a luncheon in honor of milestone anniversaries, ExamOne President Stuart Smith and other Quest leadership personally thanked these team members for their contributions to the company. “I am proud of the commitment that they demonstrate on a daily basis. ExamOne employees have a great depth of experience and truly believe in the noble cause of providing protection for families with life insurance,” said Stuart.

Join us in sharing our appreciation for these committed employees:

20 Year Employees

Connie Boca
Carla Moon
Jeanne Peacock
Robin DiFilippo
Paula Collier
Evelyn Sutton
Joyce Sammons

25 Year Employees

Geeta Mehta
Stacy Roark

30 Year Employees

Martha Johnson
Lisa Keith
Dara Colgan

35 Year Employee

Bonnie Riojas

See photos from the recognition luncheon on our Facebook page.