Committed to Being Real in 2016

realfamilyIn 2015, the ExamOne Marketing team was committed to spreading the word about the importance of life insurance through our social media channels. We tried to educate the public with statistics and facts illustrating the need to protect families with life insurance.  We shared posts with our more than 15,000 followers on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, such as:

“More than 95 million Americans are uninsured, which is why we support Life Insurance Awareness Month”


“Life insurance ownership is at its lowest since 1960. How can you educate consumers on how affordable a policy is?”

But this year we want to make it more personal. Numbers from studies and quotes from experts speak to the rational reasons for life insurance, but hard facts may intimidate some. For such an emotional decision about providing for others after a tragedy, we want to share personal examples.

As you probably know, different stages of life dictate or encourage the purchase of life insurance — marriage, starting a family, and even health improvement. Members of our team have experienced some of these milestones and will share how it influenced their decision on life insurance. We hope that our personal experiences will resonate with others who may be in similar situations and address questions they may have about the process.

Throughout this year, we will be sharing these real life stories and our real reasons for making the important decision of purchasing life insurance. We will also ask our social followers to share their personal reasons with #Committed2.

Stats and facts will always be beneficial when making plans for you and your family’s future. Now with our personal stories, the rational and emotional reasons paint a big picture that’s hard to ignore – everyone needs to consider life insurance.

– Kem Snavely Frost, Creative Director