Committed To Protecting My Family

Real life LindseyThe moment I found out my husband and I were expecting, I was overrun with so many emotions. After all the celebrating and excitement, the fear started to creep in. I don’t know how to be a mom. How do I raise a child that doesn’t have four legs? Those children have been easy. Make sure the food and water bowls are filled each morning, let them out a few times during the day, tell them they’re a good dog 100 times a day, and you are their favorite person. But, a real baby? That seemed so hard.

Fast-forward 21 months later and I’m holding my sweet one-year-old son in my arms. The fear of being a parent is still there, but there is love. So. Much. Love. I made a promise to my son the day he was born that I’d do whatever it took to protect him, take care of him and ensure he had a wonderful life. While we all want control in our lives and our children’s lives, that’s not how it goes. There is only so much I can control and the rest is out of my hands.

But, there was one thing I could control, and that was to make sure my husband and son would be protected should anything happen to me. You see, I am a working mother. My paychecks help cover our monthly living and child expenses. So eliminate my income, and there would be some financial struggle. When my son was six months old, I decided to apply for another life insurance policy. If something happened to me, I didn’t want my husband and son to worry about finances, or changing daycares. I wanted them to be able to live as we do today.

The life insurance process was extremely easy and quick – which was great because I was running after a mobile baby at the time. I know some friends and potential life insurance applicants have been concerned about the paramedical exam, but in reality it only took about 30 minutes and the blood draw wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it would be. What’s a hundred times scarier is thinking about a scenario where I didn’t have enough coverage and how my husband and son would survive without my income. My policy was issued in less than a month. Today, I find comfort in knowing that my two favorite men will be taken care of should I not be here.

Now that I have shared my real reason for getting life insurance, it’s time for you to make sure your loved ones are protected as well. If you need assistance finding an insurance agent in your area, visit the Life Happens directory.