Ask the Experts: Ensuring quality throughout the applicant exam process

Do applicants prefer visiting a paramedical service center for the exam? Why?

Your applicants made an important decision to protect the ones they love, and ExamOne wants to make the application and examination process as quick and easy as possible. As part of that commitment, ExamOne offers your applicants the convenience of real-time appointment scheduling and a choice of the most extensive national network of paramedical service centers or a traditional exam at their home or workplace.

With access to more than 200 ExamOne paramedical service centers and over 700 Quest Diagnostics® Patient Service Centers, your applicants can fit an exam into their busy day at the location that is most convenient for them. Our paramedical service centers provide a positive applicant experience in a professional, stress-free setting. Additionally, paramedical service center exams eliminate errors related to delayed centrifugation since specimens are centrifuged immediately.

What is the advantage of an electronic ID slip and electronic Part II?

There are numerous advantages for you and your applicants when choosing to complete the forms electronically. In addition to a more tedious experience for your applicants, the outdated process of completing paperwork has a higher risk of inaccuracy due to illegibility or missed information, as well as a higher risk of security breach. Our electronic process ensures an enhanced experience for you and your applicants:

  1. Data integrity: Prior to the paramedical exam, the Examiner app is pre-populated with information collected during the health history interview and from our ordering system to eliminate redundancy during the exam. In fact, 70% of the lab slip is pre-prepopulated with information from our ordering system. To ensure orders are in good order, the app notifies examiners when required fields are missing.
  2. Security: All iPads are corporately owned and equipped with granular controls that restrict apps and setting changes. Our mobile device management system mandates settings like auto-lock to ensure maximum security.
  3. Professionalism: With real-time communication and electronic signature capabilities, iPads provide a modern, more professional experience for your applicants.

How does ExamOne obtain feedback on the exam process? How does ExamOne use this feedback?

We are committed to putting your applicants first and ensuring they have a smooth, positive experience throughout the life insurance application process. In order to know exactly what your applicants think, we’ve created an applicant survey that provides applicants a way for their voices to be heard. The survey is conveniently accessible via, as well as our online lab results program, Inside Look Online. Our quality assurance department reviews survey responses daily and uses them to determine whether adjustments to any of our processes are needed. We routinely receive positive feedback about our exam process and about Inside Look Online.