Ask the Experts: Effective exam scheduling options with ScheduleNow

Is ScheduleNow available to all clients? All ExamOne clients can take advantage of ScheduleNow’s capabilities, national coverage, and flexibility. This tool is available for online users to schedule paramedical exams when submitting orders through our website and is used by our call center to schedule a paramedical exam at the end of the medical history telephone interview. The system is flexible enough to integrate with a variety of Agency Management Systems. API and web interface client versions are also available.

How does ScheduleNow work? Once the applicant’s address is entered into the order screen, ScheduleNow populates a real-time calendar with an examiner who covers the applicant’s zip code. The user selects the desired date and time for the applicant’s appointment. Once the order is submitted, ScheduleNow reserves the appointment with the selected examiner.

Can applicants use ScheduleNow to schedule their own exams? Yes, when a valid applicant’s email address is provided on an unscheduled order and there is availability on the ScheduleNow calendar, the applicant will receive a self-scheduling email. Additionally, the email provides contact information for the local ExamOne office and links to our applicant-focused website,

What are the benefits to clients who schedule paramedical exams with ScheduleNow? Turnaround times are reduced and ScheduleNow appointments are real-time. ScheduleNow appointments are typically completed within 6 days compared to the 11.5-day completion time of a blind preset appointment method used by other vendors.

How is the ScheduleNow appointment confirmed? By selecting an applicable calendar date and submitting the order, the appointment is confirmed. If rescheduling is required, the exam office or examiner will contact the applicant at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time.

Are there times when there is no appointment available? Yes, there may be instances when an appointment time is not displayed on the ScheduleNow calendar or the appointment times do not match the applicant’s availability. In this case, the user submits the order without selecting an appointment and ExamOne will contact the applicant directly to schedule.

What happens if the applicant is no longer available for the appointment? The applicant should contact their agent or the exam office to notify them of the need to reschedule. The applicant can visit to locate and contact the nearest exam office based on zip code.

 How often are appointment calendars updated? The ScheduleNow appointment calendars are updated based upon examiner availability, zip code population, and geographical location. All updates are done in real time and are immediately available for ScheduleNow users.