Top 4 blog posts from 2017

Here’s a look back on our top four blog posts of 2017. As our industry continues to evolve, will these be the same topics top of mind this year, or will there be totally new trends for 2018? Follow our blog as we discover and address them this year. We are excited to learn more together!


4. Identifying potential health risks in the insurance industry
Six trends that could change the life insurance risk landscape. Read more


3. Score applicants in real-time using health-based data
The launch of Risk Identifier™ combines clinical laboratory history and prescription history to provide underwriters an applicant-level score. Read more



2. Improved fasting guidelines
By improving our fasting guideline recommendations, applicants have the choice of more appointment times. Read more


1. Illicit drug use on the rise
With more American workers testing positive for illicit drug use than they have in the past 12 years, how can insurers detect this and protect their bottom line? Read more