How can ExamOne make it easier for you to order life insurance exams and educate your applicants on the application process? At home, you may have Alexa® to help with daily tasks. In your car, you probably have a GPS to help you navigate. And on your phone, Siri® is always at your fingertips to find needed information. Now, ExamOne has a tool that can help simplify some of those similar requests for you at your office.

See how Alex can help in this welcome video.

Always be learning with ExamOne

Meet your newest dedicated team member. To help you Always be Learning with EXamOne, we’d like to introduce you to Alex. To help you navigate our systems and workflows Alex has compiled and organized our most-used agent and applicant materials. With one click you can download the how-to manual of working with ExamOne or find the most used life insurance tools on Alex’s Agent Toolkit webpage.

“The toolkit took the guesswork out of how to work with ExamOne.” – Life insurance agent

Now you can easily find the life insurance tools and resources you need, such as:

  • Agent and applicant videos
  • Online ordering instructions (plus tips and tricks)
  • Educational materials for applicants
  • And some of the “extra” benefits we provide our clients like you, including loyalty points and leads and more!

Have more questions? Just ask Alex. Send Alex an email.

If you’d like a demo of the Agent Toolkit at your office or agency, contact your local ExamOne representative or send us an email at and we’d be glad to help.                                                     

ExamOne and Alex are here to help empower you to be the best advocate for your life insurance clients with the resources and tools that you need. Meet Alex today to start working together more effectively.