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Why should I outsource a contact center instead of hiring my own team?

Building and staffing a contact center can be costly, and set-up is extensive. Most contact center service providers are equipped to be reflexive for different types of clients and industries. Many offer consultative services to build a script and workflow that fits your business needs, which allows you to focus on your business while the contact center executes the outreach. Plus, if the contact center service provider has 24/7 capabilities, you can rest easy at night knowing your clients are taken care of by professionals day and night.

What kind of training do the call center specialists receive?

Call center professionals are first and foremost trained on customer service techniques, but they are also skilled at adapting to different business styles and requirements. ExamOne’s contact center aligns closely with you to develop specific training that accomplishes your business goals.

Do I need to build my own script and workflows?

Full service contact centers are consultative and work with you to develop a script that fits your business needs. They’ll talk through your goals and objectives for why you need a call center and listen to any specific needs and requirements relative to your industry.

What kind of reporting is available, and how do I receive it?

Full service contact centers will be able to provide a variety of reporting metrics that integrate with your systems for easy reporting. Some metrics we offer include:

  • Business dashboards for high-level productivity monitoring
  • Drill down reports to help you dive into the details
  • Ad-hoc or custom reports
  • Raw data exports for further in-house refinement

With ExamOne, you can also leverage our extensive data mining platform to supplement telephonic interviews. Gather comprehensive profiles with attending physician statements, prescription history, laboratory testing history, motor vehicle reports, and more.

What kind of technology does ExamOne use in its call centers?

ExamOne contact centers utilize the industry’s latest technology to provide the most efficient service to you and your clients. We are TCPA- and HIPAA-compliant, and SAS70-certified. Our advanced call management system is equipped to handle campaign logistics for any client, and workforce management utilities provide real-time queue monitoring and reporting.

How do I start?

Contact us to have a more detailed discussion about how ExamOne can support your organization.

Ask the Expert: What is Policy Express 2.0?

by Justin Doolittle on April 27, 2017

How does the new Policy Express workflow differ from the original workflow?

When Policy Express was first introduced, applicants completed a straight-through process, based on general age and amount rules. With Policy Express 2.0, underwriters can receive real-time data and be more flexible with requirements on each applicant. Now instant decisions can be made or triaged to additional requirements, like laboratory testing or attending physician statements, if needed. With this more tailored option, decisions can be made more quickly and policies issued faster.

What data does Policy Express 2.0 use on the front-end to evaluate an applicant?

This new triage workflow utilizes a combination of real-time health data, behavioral analysis, and self-reported health history to build a faster and more flexible risk profile for your applicants.

Health data

Behavioral data

  • MVRs: Scored, real-time data on driving violations
  • FraudCheck™: Confirm key identity and financial information to protect against fraud

Self-reported health history

Applicant-level scoring

What is the benefit of triaging?

Using the real-time data selected for your specific workflow, you can evaluate each applicant individually to determine the appropriate action.  If it is determined that after the initial health and behavioral data are analyzed an applicant needs to complete additional underwriting requirements, they will proceed down the path of completing additional services as defined by your guidelines. As the applicant specific requirements are completed, the applicant pool is approved, declined or referred to underwriting.

What are common next steps after a Policy Express 2.0 triage point?

There may be no more requirements needed after the initial health data analysis. The workflow is determined by your custom guidelines; however, common additional requirements include: paramedical exam, laboratory testing, APS, and/or a Risk IQ score.

How does Risk Identifier™ work within Policy Express 2.0?

Risk Identifier can be used as a comprehensive applicant score or individualized data sources can be scored and utilized within other underwriting engines.

Does Policy Express work within my current systems?
Yes, no new software or engines are required to utilize any of the services or models.

Is this new customized workflow right for my business?

Our experts have decades of experience working with industry leaders and know what workflows generate results. Our Professional Services analysts can set up time with you to learn about and get to know you and your business model and help you determine the ideal workflow. Just complete this short form and someone will be in contact with you.

Meet our expert

Justin Doolittle, Manager Professional Services

Justin Doolittle serves as a Manager of Professional Services at ExamOne.  He joined the company in 2002 and is responsible for collaborating with our partners to design strategic solutions and custom services. He has also held various roles under our Teleunderwriting division that consisted of developing, managing, and supporting workflows for Teleunderwriting and other call center services.

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