Mystery Shopper Pilot Reveals High Scores

Last week’s blog introduced our Mystery Shopper Program that was launched this year and how it has helped improve the overall quality and applicant’s experience. Since July, 111 assessments have been completed.

We are pleased with our results from this pilot, scoring 90% or above in the overall rating, the paramedical exam and examiner interaction. As we turn the corner into 2014, we look forward to working with our Branch Managers and Field Leaders to help ensure we are continuing our focus on the applicant, providing them with the best customer service in the industry, and increasing our scores in each of the below categories.

Summary of results

 Plan for 2014

Moving into 2014 we plan to complete 600 assessments at random for our Mystery Shop Program. Our questionnaire will be revised based off of the feedback we receive from the 2013 pilot. We are looking forward to expanding this program to better serve our clients and their applicants.