Committed to building client relationships: 2016 Regional Account Manager of the Year

Our Regional Account Managers (RAMS) play a vital role in our customer relationships and daily account management. Jane Healey, one of our eight RAMS, has been with ExamOne for 17 years. This past February, she won the 2016 Regional Account Manager of the Year award at our National Sales Convention.

“Jane is committed to providing her clients with superior customer service, while also successfully maintaining their accounts. This includes new account setup, project maintenance, performance management, and resolving escalated issues. She has always been a helpful point-of-contact for all of our clients as well as a huge support to our sales team,” said Betsy Sears, Executive Vice President and Strategy.

When Jane first joined the ExamOne team, she was hired as a travel consultant. After her first year, she was offered a new opportunity as an account manager. She has held this role ever since. She has enjoyed her role as an account manager since day 1, stating, “The role is always evolving and I love the new responsibilities that come with it.”

While some days may be challenging, Jane always keeps her professionalism and does her best to ensure the client is happy. “My favorite part of my job is interacting with and helping my clients whom I’ve built a relationship with over the years,” said Jane.

When she isn’t at work, Jane enjoys walking, going to the movies, and working in her garden.

Congratulations, Jane, on a job well done, and thank you for your commitment to our industry!