Building solutions across borders

ExamOne proudly serves clients across North America, including in Canada. In 2017, the Canadian footprint expanded when ExamOne acquired Watermark Insurance Services, Inc. and BW Underwriting Services, Inc. With the acquisition, we also gained valuable employees including 20-year-veteran Kim Coley out of Pickering, Ontario Canada. The Ambassador award goes to an employee who is instrumental in building solutions across the company and across borders.

Canada Ambassador Award
Kim Coley

What is the most rewarding part of your job or what do you love most about it?
I really enjoy learning new things, whether it’s a new application, strategy, or workflow, and connecting with the people who know the most about that thing. During my different roles with the company, including being a member of the Strategic Initiative team and now in ExamOne Product department, I have the opportunity to put this principle into practice. I like being able to question how something works, and working out the puzzle behind it. 

What’s a tip that has helped you be successful in your role?
When working with different groups across the company, I think it’s valuable to share individuals’ perspectives and viewpoints. When I do this, I’m not only contributing to solutions but showing others that they can speak up too. This creates room for conversation and collaboration to happen. That is what excites me. 

“Kim has brought so much experience, knowledge and passion to the ExamOne team and has done an excellent job with our integration efforts of the Canadian systems. She is dedicated, intelligent, and thorough with an excellent sense of humor which results in great outcomes for the projects she leads, and also elevates our culture.”
Casey Fox, Product Marketing Director

Do you have a favorite quote or saying, and why?
I love the quote “Ask smart people dumb questions”. We all want to present ourselves as knowledgeable and asking questions can make us feel vulnerable. However, it’s important– especially when we think we know the answer– to ask “why” because it will reveal the gaps in understanding as well as make people feel heard.

As a full-time employee, wife and mom, Kim says she doesn’t have a lot of free time.  But when she does get a chance, she enjoys listening to podcasts, doing “artsy” things and spending time with her husband, two sons, and all their animals. We were fortunate to acquire not only a valuable company in Canada but the valuable experience and perspective of employees like Kim.