Celebrating our strengths during the ExamOne virtual convention

The annual ExamOne convention went virtual this year with four days in February of internal and external keynote speakers, interactive elective sessions, and work group-specific breakouts. The theme of “Stronger Together” celebrated overcoming the challenges of 2020 and building upon a solid foundation to succeed this year. The meeting also featured ExamOne’s annual award ceremony celebrating our team accomplishments and top performers.

“Like the theme of our convention, working ‘Stronger Together’ last year helped us achieve so much. Our employees have much to be proud of. Thank you for your past and future efforts.” – Joey Grant, ExamOne President

Join us in recognizing some of our award winners:

Client Solutions Group Representative of the Year: Mark Witters

APS Representative of the Year: Jason Struemph

Case Manager of the Year: Corrie Montecino

Task Force Representative of the Year: Kim Repp

Top Performing Call Center Supervisor: Sharon Wilson

Top Performing Call Center Lead: Sam Drehle

Top Performing Interviewer: Michelle Bragg

Top Performing APS Employee: Mariah Evenson

ESS Employee of the Year: Jose “Joey” Antonio Yia

Health Solutions Employee of the Year: Stan Perez

Canada Ambassador: Julie Coull

Rookie of the Year: Erika Black

Distribution Representative of the Year: Andrew McMannis

Inside Sales Representative of the Year: Sierria Arnold

BGA Representative of the Year: Beth McGinley

Canadian Producer Sales Representative of the Year: Felix Drake

Producer Sales Representative of the Year: MacKenzie English

District Sales Manager of the Year: Justin Leflar

Regional Account Manager of the Year: Sharon Norris

Strategic Account Executive of the Year: Gene Stegeman

MVP: Chris Mason

The virtual setting offered a new way of connecting, learning, and engaging that will help drive our success in 2021. We are Stronger Together.