A strong team member at work and on the ice

Our operations team at ExamOne is responsible for ensuring our offices and examiners have the support they need to provide satisfactory customer experiences for both our clients and life insurance applicants. Each year, we recognize an employee in the field who has exemplified our commitment to the highest standard of service. As our Field Leader of the Year and former college ice hockey player, Will Munson knows how a positive attitude builds winning teams.

Will Munson
Field Leader of the Year

“A friend’s eye is a good mirror.”

-Will’s favorite quote

How long have you been with ExamOne? I have been with ExamOne for almost 8 years and started -as a local sales representative, moved into the Specialty Collections department, then an area sales manager. For the past three years, I transitioned to the operations side of the business.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? The most rewarding part of my job is knowing we are getting families protected with life insurance by being an extension of a life insurance agent/agency in providing excellent and quick customer service.

How do you provide superior customer service? I always try to myself in someone else’s shoes when I am talking to a customer or applicant on the phone. If you have a “chameleon-like” attitude and try to see every position that is brought to the table, you can excel in providing great customer service. Also, I believe by being positive, honest and having compassion helps build trust and retain customers.

“Will Munson is a strong leader within our Field Operations management team. He has successfully led several national key initiatives while also maintaining a solid performance by his region. Will and his team
always have strong and positive results in our customer service metrics.”

Edwin Snider III (Bubba), Director of Field Operations

Will is a valuable team player at work and in his free time. He still enjoys playing sports and attending local sporting events with his friends, wife, and daughter on the weekends. Will joins our other award-winning team members who have been highlighted this year.