Using your insights to empower our decisions

Throughout the past year, ExamOne has been changing. We’ve taken steps to ensure we are focused on the right thing—you, our customer. We introduced new leaders to our organization who are passionate and enthusiastic about the experience clients have with ExamOne. As we continue our quest to deliver the highest levels of quality, service, and support, the voice of the customer is a key tool in measuring our performance.

In June, we conducted our annual customer satisfaction survey. Through this survey, our goal is to better understand our customers’ experiences across all interactions with our company. We are using the insights you shared with us to empower the decisions we make next to continue serving as a valuable partner to you.

How we can serve you better

Your feedback helped us identify 3 key areas where we can create a better experience for our customers: turnaround times, scheduling, and communication. Here is a brief overview of how we plan to address the opportunities you highlighted.

Reduce turnaround times

Our workflows, systems, and reporting methods are being assessed to identify ways we can improve turnaround times. As our processes improve, these time-saving enhancements can be passed on to clients and applicants.

Simplify scheduling

In October, updates to the ScheduleNow platform, made it even easier for you and your client to manage exam appointments. Our updates include a fresh interface tailored to mobile devices and a scheduling process that requires fewer clicks. Through ScheduleNow, agents and applicants now also have the option to cancel or reschedule an appointment. This and other enhancements to our scheduling platforms and processes help simplify the scheduling process and increase availability.

Improve communication and resources

To improve interactions with clients and to ensure our ExamOne service representatives and field teams can quickly communicate and resolve issues quickly, we are regularly monitoring our system and telephone performance standards. The ultimate goal is to answer calls as quickly as possible, resolving issues efficiently, and not leaving a customer waiting.

Our teams are committed to providing solutions and friendly assistance every day. Read more

As these action plans continue to develop, we will share progress and next steps with you directly.

Thank you to everyone who completed our customer survey. We appreciate your honesty and passion. The survey is be offered each year, and we value your feedback. We look forward to implementing some positive changes as a direct result of your input.